USATSI_7438902_154511044_lowresThe GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

RAYS 6, Rangers 2 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: Alex Cobb. In 13 starts prior to going on the DL, Cobb had a 3.01 ERA and opponents were batting .233. In 7 starts since returning from the DL, Cobb has a 3.05 ERA and opponents are hitting .239. That is amazing consistency…Wil Myers. Serious question: If you had to keep just one player, would you pick Evan Longoria or Wil Myers? Keep in mind age, contract, defense, and health. If I knew Longoria would give the Rays 150+ games every year for the rest of his contract, this might be a no-brainer. Longo plays a more important position and he plays it well. He is also a known commodity. But Myers is on track to be a more dominant hitter for many years. What if you knew the Rays would be able to sign Myers to a long-term contract? Myers is five years younger than Longoria. All of a sudden it is no longer a no-brainer. Ultimately I think you can make a very convincing argument for both. And I really want to say Longo because of the glove and the contract. But man, Myers is something special with the bat. The ball just jumps off his bat in way that few can do. It’s exciting. It’s infectious…James Shields. At a time when it would be nice to have a James Shields to come up with a big win, he did. He struck out 10 and allowed just 1 run in a win over the Indians, pushing the Rays’ lead in the Wild Card to 1.5 games over the Indians.

THE BAD: 10,724. The attendance for a team competing for a playoff spot, playing another team competing for a playoff spot. Here comes the ridicule and it will be deserved. Not all of the criticism will be completely accurate since people will say “the problem is A,” when in reality the problem is A, B, C, D, E, F, and probably G. But the criticism will be justified.

THE TELLING: In a game the Rays needed the Royals to win, James Shields started and Wade Davis was the first reliever out of the bullpen. And oh by the way, Shields beat Scott KazmirLast night was Alex Cobb’s 20th start, giving the Rays six starting pitchers with 20 starts. The Rays are just the 7th AL team to do that…Tonight’s triple-A championship game will be on NBC Sports Network at 7:00…The Rays are now 82-67 and now lead the Wild Card, 1.5 games ahead of the Indians for the second Wild Card spot. The Rays’ magic number is now 12.


  • Jesse Crain faced live batters and afterwards said he was at 90%. []
  • TJ Pittinger put together a chart of what each team has to do to catch the Rays in the Wild Card. Keep in mind, tying the Rays only forces a play-in game. The teams have to do one better than these to pass the Rays. [@TJ_Pittinger]
  • Chris Wise breaks down the matchup between the Durham Bulls and the Omaha Storm Chasers in the triple-A championship game. [WDBB]
  • Suspension for Dashon Goldson. [JoeBucsFan]


DURHAM. Durham won the International League championship, 3-games-to-1 over the Pawtucket Red Sox. Next up is the Omaha Storm Chasers, the champions of the Pacific Coast League. Those two teams will meet in a one-game triple-A championship tonight.

MONTGOMERY. The Biscuits finished the season 71-69.

CHARLOTTE. The Stone Crabs finished the regular season 67-65. They lost their playoff series 3-0.

BOWLING GREEN. The Hot Rods finished the regular season 82-56. Bowling Green lost their first round playoff series 2-0.

HUDSON VALLEY. The Renegades finished the season 38-37.

PRINCETONThe Rays finished the season 25-43.






  1. Gus says:

    I pick Myers just because of his age (22) and upside v. Longo's age (a very old 27 it seems) and likely downside.

    That said, Myers has to learn how to play defense (understanding he's been moved around). He's not very good in RF right now despite some decent tools.

    If you had the one-game playoff and you could juggle the rotation, would you start Cobb?

  2. Sean says:

    Have we yet established that talking about attendance is proven to accomplish nothing?

    If we haven't become numb to attendance jabs by now we're too sensitive. Our attendance sucks, it's probably going to suck as long as the team is at the Trop, it sucks, but it's a dead topic. The team may move, and that also sucks, but nothing is putting butts in the seats so I'd rather just enjoy a rare freaking win instead of being reminded of the tenuous future of this franchise.


  3. Dean says:

    Cork, any rumblings that the Rays will attempt to sign Myers to a long-term "Longo-type'' deal in the off-season?

    • Cork Gaines says:

      Nothing yet, but Myers is an interesting case. If a team like the Rays is going to make that type of investment they have to be sure of what they've got. In the case of Longoria and Moore, those guys were young, but they had been in the organization for a while. So I am not surprised it hasn't happened with Myers yet. But I'd be willing to bet that they have conversations this winter.

      • Rob says:

        I think Myers' stock is rising quickly and the Rays may not be able to afford him long term if they don't sign him before the start of next season. Plus, I see Myers as being very self-confident and willing to take the risk of waiting to see how it plays out.

  4. angrybuddha says:

    I looked at the rotation a bit over a week ago. Given no more days off, it looked like Price was lined up to play the WC play-in game. I'll take it.

  5. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    The question is; will Myers ever become the well-rounded player that his natural ability should afford him to be?
    Longo has accomplished that (for the most part)...
    It's always nice to pick the young up-and-comer because their ceiling is perceived to be very high, but there are countless variables that can change that ceiling (i.e. Longo's injuries)...

    • Gus says:

      Corks question was prospective -- going forward, which one would you take? They are basically the same hitter now -- career average wise (WM: 361/496/857 v. EL: 358/513/871), but Longo can't run anymore (Myers can), and Myers has room to improve, but Longo's offensive peak has probably already occurred since he's 27. Longo's glove is still great, but you have to figure that is on a slow decline as well if his running is limited.

      Howpefully Myers grows up and matures to the fame coming his way, locks up his firearms and the two of them can have a great run together. When they are both hitting reasonably well, the Rays again look like a playoff contender.

      • Beth says:

        When Longoria came up he was already an excellent fielder and good student of the game. His injuries have hindered him, but I've never doubted his determination to learn and improve.

        Myers has huge talent, but does he have a learning curve? His air of confidence is great in some ways, but he sure doesn't come across as someone who believes anyone has anything to teach him. He's like the anti-Chris Archer. Now, I'm not there in the clubhouse or at batting practice, so all I can judge on is post game interviews and player comments, which are very limited. But if I have any concern about him it's that whatever we see today is all we'll ever see - and as the league adjusts to him, he won't know how to readjust.

  6. Beth says:

    It depresses me, as well, to see 10,000 people at the stadium.

    But unless these national media guys have an answer, I don't want to listen to their complaints. They use this issue as an excuse not to take this team,and its onfield performance, seriously.

    If MLB thinks the problem is the stadium location, help develop a financing package that will build a new one without leaving taxpayers broke.

    If the region is just too small and too poor to support a team, then either accept that MLB will be subsidizing them to stay here, or move them.

    What I hate is the either overt or implied bashing of people who live here. There are thousands of devoted Rays fans and we show up. Thus far there aren't enough of us to fill the stadium. Attending baseball games is neither obligation nor duty. We don't yell at folks because they are not going to the opera.


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