We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

9-15-2013 9-44-45 PM
On Sunday, the Rays and Twins went navy versus navy. Oh boy, that's not a good look.
9-13-2013 8-58-31 PM
OK, it was Friday the 13th, but that doesn't really explain, WHY?
9-13-2013 9-34-29 PM
This poll still cracks me up. A whopping 10 people responded.
9-13-2013 9-52-59 PM
So, apparently it was Price that put the lineup card on the ceiling, not Maddon. Starting pitchers get bored on their off-days.
9-13-2013 9-50-10 PM
The deer will never see you guys coming.
9-13-2013 10-10-51 PM
Big Tree!
Can somebody get David DeJesus caught up? Still no idea what's going on.

9-14-2013 7-15-24 PM
Don't let the demure appearance fool you.
9-14-2013 7-35-42 PM
There was a 2-hour delay on Saturday night
9-14-2013 10-14-40 PM
The boys were cold
9-14-2013 9-38-43 PM
Make that 10,001 lakes
9-14-2013 10-49-28 PM
Considering the weather, the long delay, and the sucky local team, it was amazing anybody was still there in the end on Saturday.
9-15-2013 1-15-07 PM
The weather was better on Sunday, but with the Vikings playing, the crowd looked strangely similar to the after 2-hour-delay crowd on Saturday.
9-15-2013 3-12-48 PM
Psst, Todd, the bag is backwards.
9-15-2013 3-59-10 PM
James Loney seemingly had the big hit on Sunday
9-15-2013 4-00-50 PM
And what a smart slide by Myers
9-15-2013 4-16-04 PM
But then Joel Peralta happened, and he knew it.



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