Blue Jays 6, RAYS 3 (boxscore)

Yesterday there were 64 potential combinations of wins and losses for the three Wild Card teams. After the Rays lost and both the Rangers and Indians won, we are now down to 27 possible combinations. You can see all the combinations by clicking here (red combos are no longer possible). But most importantly, if the Rays win today and tomorrow they will host the Wild Card game on Wednesday. Of the 27 remaining scenarios, here is how it breaks down:

  • The Rays would be the first Wild Card team (host Wild Card game) in 14 of the scenarios (51.9%)
  • The Rays would be the second Wild Card team (visiting team in Wild Card game) in 5 of the scenarios (18.5%)
  • The Rays would have to play at least one play-in game starting on Monday in 6 of the scenarios (22.2%). Of those, 2 of the scenarios are a 3-way tie.
  • The Rays would be eliminated in 2 of the scenarios (7.4%)

If you did not watch the game: a) lucky you; and b) here is the only highlight you need to see…

There was one scary moment when Brett Lawrie took a pitch off the mouth. Luckily it grazed his shoulder first…

But it did leave him bloodied. Amazingly, he just popped up and walked to first base…

9-27-2013 8-06-07 PM

And when he arrived at first base he actually seemed annoyed when the trainer wanted to check him out…

9-27-2013 8-08-10 PM





  1. Rob says:

    Toronto looks like they want this more than the Rays. Bunting for hits, taking their walks, going the other way, and getting hits with 2 outs and with runners in scoring position, all things the Rays aren't doing.

  2. Ken says:

    This game is like having root canal. At least we have one tomorrow.


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