At 18 innings and 6 hours and 54 minutes, last night’s game was the longest in franchise history (see the pics and GIFs below).

The two teams combined to use 21 pitchers, a major league record. The Rays tied a major league record by using 11 pitchers. As a result, the Rays have promoted Jeff Beliveau to help out in the bullpen today.

It cannot be understated how important this win was. The Indians were given a gift when their game was shortened to just seven innings due to rain even though it was only 10:30 and the Indians were only up 2-1 and even though it was kind of an important game (it did look like the rain was going to keep raining for a while).

By beating the Orioles, not only did the Rays keep their lead over the Indians, but they moved to one game ahead of the Rangers and are now three games ahead of the Orioles. The O’s only hope at this point is to sweep the next three games. If they win just two, they will still be two games back with only six to play.

At this point, we should probably assume that the Rays are no longer fighting Cleveland for a playoff spot. With their schedule, the Rays have a better shot of holding off the Rangers.

9-20-2013 10-17-28 PM
Whatever TK had after the game, he didn't make it.
Longoria, Myers, and Zobrist received their local BBWAA awards as team MVP, Rookie of the Year, and Champion
9-20-2013 11-46-15 PM
Sith BA
9-20-2013 11-44-58 PM
BA's scorecard is getting messy
9-20-2013 11-17-44 PM
Is there any chance there is a jersey under there?
Run, big fella!

9-20-2013 8-57-02 PM
Get down, big fella!
And the dugout goes wild.

Meanwhile, things were getting silly in the middle of the night
9-21-2013 1-09-35 AM
Very silly
9-21-2013 8-58-12 AM
And it wasn't just the Rays' dugout.
9-21-2013 10-07-55 AM
This guy
9-21-2013 1-01-55 AM
Escobar thought he drew a walk in the 18th inning. He was sad.
David DeJesus!
And in the 18th, the celebration was on.
Watching this again, it is scary to realize just how close the helmet comes to hitting Kelly Johnson in the head.

9-21-2013 9-00-15 AM
His face!
9-21-2013 9-00-45 AM
Big Tree is a little too excited. Let's not get hurt, Mr. Archer.
9-21-2013 1-09-11 AM
And here is the scoreboard
9-21-2013 1-53-17 AM
Yes, Joe, we were still watching!


  1. Beezy says:

    A great photo for the photo album of Longo, Wil, and Zob together...

  2. ed williams says:

    ok so now we have a aaa pitcher starting during a very important stretch, we need to win , not take chances with young pitchers now ,during early part of year yea, now no, i know we played 18 innings the other night and 9 today , waaaaa, get over it , you played a 1 o'clock game today, go home and rest for tomorrow, i'm sorry folks , it's just i can't believe they are taking the chance with a aaa pitcher, well i hope he is as good as the rest of our rookie pitchers, because if anybody has noticed we aren't hitting as well as we where, i know we won yesterday and today i should be happy , and i really was , but than i read this, enny romero , who? i don't follow the minors too much ,but i hope he is the bomb. GO RAYS

    • MandaGator says:

      David Price & Matt Moore are among the many pitchers who have made their debut in September, done well & went on to success. Rays have won 7 of the last 10 & Mr Williams I suggest you try a little thing called faith. Have a wonderful day Sir.

  3. ed williams says:

    i have had faith from day 1 , i just get aggrivated when i don't see our best players playing, yes i can say i have been a fan since day 1 , everybody says that, but in my case it is true and i do go to games. I can't help it if i am not satisfied with only winning 90 games a year as they keep saying, it is time to take the next step, more than one and done, to show i have been a fan , i was in vegas in 2008 and yes put down some money on the rays ,who is we all remember wasn't picked to go very high, believe it or not i picked them to go to the championship , won 400 bucks around there anyway, so yes i do have faith, more than most , it is just agrivating that , anyway you saw my post, my question is did they make thier debut the final week of the season, with the games meaning as much as they do now? I don't believe so, now they did pitch in the playoffs, which wouldn't bother me because they would already be there, anyway. Now i have faith that joe knows a heck of a lot more about baseball than i ever will , and i don't want him fired or anything like that, and i don't even know if it was joe's decision or not, but a pitcher who has only made 1 aaa start, why not pitch jake odorizzi , anyway , not trying to cause trouble just stating my opinion, oh and the name is ed by they way, no sense of getting of the on the wrong foot , as always , go rays

    • Chris D says:

      Because you can't pitch Odorizzi 2 days after a 3 inning stint which was only 3 days after he pitched 5 innings. If you want to complain, complain about why it's not JD Martin, but that's really because of the 40-man.

  4. Dave L says:

    This Romero start isn't particularly bold nor original nor particularly to Maddon.

    Bringing in a lefty hard throwing guy that no one has a book on is something any manager would try in 2013 race at the end. His downside vs the alternatives is minimal and his upside is to the moon.

    Hickey and company will have his mindset thinking he can walk on water and Molina will call the game and give him his targets so he doesn't have to think--just execute pitches and hit his spots.

    If he can get throught the order twice with minimal damage it can be just what we need.

    Just through strikes Dominicano!

  5. ed williams says:

    look im not looking for the guy to do bad, and i am complaining because this is the place to do it, found out he is actually a aa pitcher with one aaa start, than read in the paper they could have used hernandez, which is probably what i would have done ,but they don't pay me the big bucks to make those decisions, thank god. The J D Martin thing also through me for a loop, but i read about the 40 man roster, but doesn't that also count for romero, I hope the guy goes out there and throws 6 or 7 innings with minimal damage, but really if he gives up more than 4 or 5 runs do we really think our offence is going to help, we are not exactly lighting it up lately, anyway i was just expressing an opinion on what i still can't believe only a half game up and pitching a aa pitcher, oh well i guess i was wrong, believe me i want the kid to do well, GO RAYS.

  6. ed williams says:

    just found out that J D Martin will be working out of bullpen today

    • Chris D says:

      Yeah, at the time I wrote above, I didn't realize the Rays promoted Martin. Romero was already on the 40 man. Martin was added when they traded De Los Santos.

  7. ed williams says:

    well ,so far so good, i truly wish the kid luck , now with longo out going to be more difficult, jumping between the bucs and rays game, wooohooo great day for sports.

  8. ed williams says:

    never been so glad to be wrong, that's why i don't manage or run a mlb team lol

  9. Dave L says:

    At least you had the stones to come here and question a move before it comes to fruition in real time. Better than the usual post game hindsight criticism often offered here.

    Plus you came back to face the music as well. A man who goes out on a limb is to be encouraged.

  10. Andy Cordero says:

    Confess I was also miffed big time when I heard who was starting. Not so much b/c he was coming up from the minors for his 1st MLB start, but b/c he pitched virtually all year at AA!! If he'd been w/the Bulls for 2nd half of year, then I wouldn't have blinked an eye. Also, it made no sense to me that they'd risk using a AA pitcher when they had a AAA MVP, a guy who won a record 16 regular season games for Durham, available. Martin also had a few MLB games under his belt from a few years back. While Romero has more upside & fit the mold from past years' call-up starters, Martin seemed more seasoned & potentially reliable. Guess that's why I don't make the big bucks, as they say! Maddon, Hickey & Freidman looked like geniuses as Romero & our weary pen pitched a FANTASTIC GAME!!! Kudos to all!!!


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