The final road trip of the season means rookie hazing time. Nothing will top last year when the kids had an entire choreographed routine at Fenway Park. But the outfits this year are not bad. Here is the group photo (photos via the Tampa Bay Rays)…


It’s late and I am tired, but from left-to-right I believe that is Tim Beckham, Jake Odorizzi, Wil Myers, Chris Archer, Josh Lueke, coach Jamie Nelson, Alex Torres, Jeff Beliveau and I am not sure who is behind Beliveau. And of course, that is Jamey Wright in the Gene Simmons mask.

Here is another shot of Myers, Odorizzi, and Big Tree…




  1. Lane Meyer says:

    Looks like Wil may need to be changed

  2. bbmern says:

    Big laugh to my morning. Pretty hilarious.

  3. Sarah says:

    Good pics, but last year set the bar very high. Another reason to miss James Shields.

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