We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

Idiot on the field!
Beer is a powerful drug
Even Dick Vitale took a picture and posted it to Twitter. DICK VITALE! 2013, y'all...
9-16-2013 8-04-16 PM
The players had a giggle
9-16-2013 8-06-14 PM
Luke Scott did not
9-16-2013 7-41-30 PM
Wil Myers hit another home run and gave zero damns
9-16-2013 7-43-38 PM
This old friend did give a damn
9-16-2013 7-45-26 PM
Although, after giving it a good long look, Myers momentarily wondered if it was indeed going to be a home run and started running hard
9-16-2013 7-46-37 PM
My first reaction was 'Why are the Rays bunting with no outs?
The Rays were just taking advantage of Garza who has the Yips. That is, he has no confidence throwing the ball if not pitching.

9-16-2013 7-55-13 PM
I've never seen a fielder spike a runner before...
9-16-2013 7-59-28 PM
But if anybody would do it it is AJ Pierzynski
9-16-2013 8-10-09 PM
Oh boy, Flash Jennings missed another catchable ball
9-16-2013 8-10-46 PM
No, Flash, the ball is not in your glove
9-16-2013 8-22-02 PM
This is never a good look
9-16-2013 10-22-26 PM
In the end the offense was enough for Jamey Wirght to finish the game off

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  1. Sarah says:

    In fairness, I don't think the ball to Jennings was easily catchable - had he played it on a bounce and limited it to a single I would not have complained. But the late and awkward dive was a mistake.


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