We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

9-23-2013 4-10-10 PM
You winking, Hot Rod?
9-23-2013 4-20-21 PM
Hey look, it's Jesse Crain!
Chris Davis. Hate that dude.

9-23-2013 4-29-31 PM
'Don't leave me hanging, bro'
9-23-2013 4-37-49 PM
Solid crowd for a weekday afternoon, especially considering it's The Trop and Rays fans suck
Matt Weiters slid on a ball that landed on the other side of the railing. Oops.

This was bad. Manny Machado is going to be out for a while.

9-23-2013 4-43-54 PM
Not good at all
Later, Alexi Casilla was knocked out cold. But for some reason, he actually stayed in the game!

9-23-2013 11-44-34 PM
What a great job blocking the plate by Joe Molina
9-23-2013 4-55-52 PM
The ump didn't make a call, signalling that the runner didn't touch the plate
9-23-2013 4-56-08 PM
Joe Molina quickly recognized this and made the tag
9-23-2013 5-25-52 PM
The orioles had a bunt double. Oh boy.
But in the end, James Loney's home run completed the sweep.
9-23-2013 8-32-23 PM
And fo one last time at home (until the playoffs), RAYS WIN!


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