We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

8-30-2013 10-16-52 PM
Luke Scott is jealous
8-30-2013 10-38-46 PM
The top pic is from Friday and the bottom pic was from Sunday. Looks like the cameradudes were having some fun
8-30-2013 11-10-40 PM
Gabe Kapler on Fox Sports Live
8-30-2013 11-20-31 PM
Poor Molina. No catcher gets hit by foultips more than Molina and now he is ducking bat shards
8-30-2013 11-23-01 PM
Pretty much.
8-30-2013 11-26-20 PM
Not sure I have ever seen a pitcher with that much chew on the mound
8-30-2013 11-29-57 PM
Bob Melvin has a freakishly long finger. That's ET-like.
8-30-2013 11-40-04 PM
Loney fouled off a ball that was literally almost in the catcher's mitt.
8-31-2013 12-00-25 AM
Yes, Fernando Rodney got stuck in the bathroom
And it was the only thing the Rays celebrated all weekend

8-31-2013 12-05-22 AM
A's fans
8-31-2013 9-05-55 AM
Look, it's Wil Myers on ESPN's GameDay
8-31-2013 8-40-43 PM
Raiders fans look less intimidating in gold and green.
8-31-2013 8-47-15 PM
Billie Joe Armstrong at Saturday's game. Let's pretend he's taking a selfie
8-31-2013 8-52-51 PM
And here is Billie Joe Armstrong kissing his wife
8-31-2013 3-38-57 PM
Slightly off-topic. OK, a lot off-topic. But this was the best thing to happen at my alma mater's game on Saturday
8-31-2013 9-25-06 PM
9-1-2013 3-29-38 PM
Longoria's indecision hurt the Rays on Sunday
9-1-2013 3-31-52 PM
Kyle Farnsworth on the mound for the Pirates
9-1-2013 3-37-48 PM
Delmon Young is back with the Rays. Delmon Young is tired.
9-1-2013 4-00-18 PM
I pulled a groin just watching this
9-2-2013 8-07-21 PM
Many pitchers have cap stains. This is first I've seen that was shiny and reflecting light
9-2-2013 8-19-10 PM
Wil Myers is nearing Full Terminator. Next inning he'll be wearing a leather jacket.
9-2-2013 8-26-16 PM
This is never a good look for an outfielder
9-2-2013 9-02-46 PM
Oh, hi, TK.
9-2-2013 9-05-22 PM
Dude, you've got a problem. Nobody needs that much pine tar. EVER
9-2-2013 9-17-06 PM
There are easier ways to tell a runner that he needs to slide.
9-2-2013 9-19-10 PM
Never got a good replay, but if glove is on here, Trout is out and maybe before the run scored
9-2-2013 10-10-00 PM
3-2 pitch with 2 outs, bases loaded and down 4, Wil Myers swings at a pitch that nearly hit him
9-2-2013 10-19-05 PM
Brandon Gomes has so much rosin on his hand, he looks like Michael Jackson
9-2-2013 10-35-06 PM
Winter is coming.
9-2-2013 10-39-33 PM
Mike Trout starts his head-first slide in a different area code
9-2-2013 11-19-40 PM
Obviously Delmon Young has played for the Rays before, but this is the first time in blue
9-2-2013 11-25-25 PM
Luke Scott no longer has a rat-tail
9-3-2013 7-02-46 AM
Interestingly, this is the second time Sam Fuld has warmed up in a game.
9-3-2013 7-04-12 AM
Everybody was amused by Fuld's appearance on the mound
9-3-2013 7-06-23 AM
Fuld got the one batter he faced to pop up.


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