We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

9-4-2013 9-08-37 PM
Not gonna lie, this pic of Evan Longoria hanging out with his daughter before the game is my new favorite picture of Longo.
9-4-2013 9-17-17 PM
9-4-2013 9-52-30 PM
Rays caps and Dodgers t-shirts. The Rays weren't playing the Dodgers.

9-4-2013 10-02-34 PM
Todd Kalas interviewing the wife of David DeJesus
9-4-2013 10-26-36 PM
And some douchebag wanted to act like a 12-year-old in the background
BAT FLIP, part deux

9-4-2013 10-21-16 PM
I had no idea they still made 4-color pens
Hellickson was NOT happy about being pulled while working on a shutout

9-4-2013 10-42-51 PM
Rally Monkeys
9-4-2013 10-58-19 PM
This always bugged me. Is Lobaton the 1st player to put flames on the forearm of his NON-throwing arm?
9-4-2013 11-19-20 PM
The other side is the wine menu.


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