With the Rays threatening to blow a 7-run lead in Game 162, Joe Maddon had had enough of umpire Paul Schrieber’s strikezone. To say the strikezone has been inconsistent would be an insult to inconsistent things.

So when Maddon went to the mound to talk to Joel Peralta he was really waiting for Schrieber to come break up the meeting. When Schrieber arrived, Angry Joe as unleashed…



  1. Hey Joe, the strike zone was inconsistent for both sides. What really stinks is how inconsistent your offense has been this year. I hate to say it, but if you can’t afford to compete with the big guys, then you can’t stay in business. The great pitching this year has not been consistent, the defense has, bit it takes more than 1 leg to win a race.

    • Political_Man says:

      It was inconsistent for the Rays period. Another Rays site has already put to together the plotted strikezone information that shows exactly that. Joe did what he had to do in that situation. It’s a shame umpiring has gotten this bad that a contending team’s manager had to get himself thrown out to bring attention to a onesidedly inconsistent strikezone. Robot umpires NOW!

  2. jason says:

    Loved his comments after the game. He said he had enough and wanted to go drink some wine in the clubhouse. Way to battle the entire season with your players. I guess if you don’t like the way things are going just quit. It is not like the team needed its manager for the entire 9 innings or anything.

  3. Lane Meyer says:

    This crew was squuezing the Rays pitchers this whole series. The only inconsistent part of it was they weren’t squeezing the Jays pitchers. Joe knew what he was doing when he went out there and got the team fired up at the right time to get out of a tough inning.

  4. OriginalTom says:

    Odd time to be complaining about Maddon.

    • Lane Meyer says:

      Fair weather fans always do. They don’t seem to ever remember the Rothschild/McRae/Pinella years

    • Chris says:

      I know, another 90+ win season, what this guy has done with a limited payroll against the toughest division in baseball is nothing short of amazing. Go talk to Yankees or Orioles fans about their managers and payroll vs. wins.

  5. chris says:

    JIM FROM NEW PORT RICHEY — some fan you are.

  6. edward williams says:

    i guess i took the whole thing wrong, i thought joe had had it with the way the players where giving the game back, i admit i was flipping between rays and bucs, but mostly rays, anyway didn’t look to me like it did any good , but hey we won and are playin tomorrow, i will through all my negativity out the window until they lose either tomorrow or wed, if they don’t than just call me mr.positive, or joe for short,hey go rays , i truly think we can beat both texas and cleveland. what a fun time of year, it truly is tension headache time though, go rays

  7. Beezy says:

    “don’t take the umps shit!”

  8. maikel says:

    Joe you have done great with the team iam from miami and this is my team for life go rays the best team ever.

  9. mp645 says:

    A real nail biter yesterday. We almost lost. So painful to watch but we squeeked through.

    Perhaps what we fans and the FO should be questioning is Joe’s use of alcohol. The manager should be managing their team..that’s what they get paid for and that is exactly what the players expect of the manager…managing! Sitting back watching the team with a glass of wine is what TV viewers do, not managers! None of us get to drink wine at work unless you are a wine taster! The Front Office group were in the stands watching the game. What did they think of Joe leaving the game? What did they think if Joe’s press interview casually discussing having a glass of wine and watching the game?

    Joe will have plenty of time to kick back with a glass of wine in the off season..which may come faster than we think if he is not in tip-top condition! Joe’s gut is expanding every week and he doesn’t look very healthy. When the wish to drink overtakes your ability to complete required responsibilities in your life, that is time for interevention.

    • OriginalTom says:

      Are you a doctor? In what way does he not look healthy? Pretty sure there was a bit of sarcasm in his post game press conference.

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