The Rays will open the season at home against the Blue Jays on a Monday and will conclude the season on the road against the Indians.

In addition to the Marlins, the Rays will play the N.L. Central during interleague games, including four games against the Cardinals (2 at home and 2 in St. Louis). The most brutal road trip might be Aug 4-14, when the Rays will have to fly to Oakland, Chicago, and then Dallas for ten games in 11 days (click on image for a larger view)…



  1. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    September will certainly be a grind.

  2. Ethelmae Fox says:

    I can hardly wait. My whole summer entertainment. Used to go with my mother to see the Detroit/Tigers when I was only about 7 years old. Detroit had a Woman's Day, when my mother could go for 50 cents. Children free.
    My dad used to say he should be jelous of Charlie Gehinger (spelling). My mother thought he was perfect. And, I guess he came close to it.
    O.K. LETS PLAY BALL. Cheers - emae


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