We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

9-27-2013 7-19-57 PM
The third base coach gave Kawasaki THAT sign
Never a good look for an outfielder

9-27-2013 7-06-39 PM
And what exactly were you looking at, Sammy?
NOOOOOOO! Off the mouth!

9-27-2013 8-06-07 PM
9-27-2013 8-08-10 PM
But Lawrie popped up, walked to first base, and actually looked annoyed that the trainer wanted to check him out
The Kawasaki Shuffle

The Rays got off to a hot start on Sunday and Lobatron was pumped up

9-29-2013 12-26-08 PM
This was my Sunday afternoon
The Rays did bring their gloves on Sunday

More fancy glovework. I love how Escobar starts to throw the ball long before stepping on the bag.

You could tell there was just a different energy to this game

The dugout reacts to Rodney getting out of a jam in the 8th inning

9-29-2013 3-28-33 PM
Was beginning to think we were done seeing this in 2013
9-29-2013 9-03-56 PM
But if the Rangers are as smart as their fans, Monday should be easy


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