On Monday night the Rays’ attendance was a dismal 10,724 and earlier today we discussed how the criticism was going to come today and it did.

Here is a graphic that aired during SportsCenter today comparing attendance at the Rays game to a preseason hockey game in New Jersey. Sure it is apples and oranges, but that doesn’t matter to the folks in Bristol or the people watching on television. And frankly, it probably shouldn’t matter.

Even more damning was the comment by the SportsCenter anchor: “More people showed up to watch the Rangers in a preseason hockey game, than showed up in St. Pete to watch the Rangers and Rays play, in effect, a postseason game.”

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  1. ed williams says:

    every article in the paper, on the radio, has to bring up the attendance, doesn't matter if it's rays , or bucs, i never could understand it, i looked at the attendance figures for the other teams last night, yes we had the lowest, but there where a couple other's with only 15000 , it's hard to read the paper anymore , oh well go rays

  2. Geoff Peterson says:

    So if the media and even the Rays management constantly berate the stadium, what incentive is there for fans to attend until a new stadium is in place? The team should be doing there best to make the stadium a non-issue but are looking more for the long-term payoff of a new stadium with better luxury boxes. I personally like the stadium and find most of the complaints about the location, atmosphere, parking, neighborhood, etc. to be spread by the grossly misinformed and those who have never been to the park.

    • Rob says:

      I am a season ticket holder and have to say that the stadium is a dump.

      • KT says:

        I'd always thought that the Trop was fine, until I went to SafeCo in Seattle a couple weekends ago when the Rays were there. That field, and entire complex is absolutely stunning. Even the food vendors, shops, etc are classy and clean.

        I can see the allure to a nice stadium; I imagine even if I wasn't a baseball fan I would still go to Seattle games for the atmosphere and experience alone.


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