We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

9-3-2013 9-25-32 PM
Matt Moore had an evil Kung Fu look going on.
9-3-2013 9-24-41 PM
Rays fans in Anaheim?
9-3-2013 9-54-03 PM
Things looked ugly early on when the Rays had the bases loaded with no outs, the infield playing normal, and they still grounded into a home-to-first double-play
9-3-2013 10-01-33 PM
Sometimes Moore's leg gets stuck in the up position (note the ball is already being thrown back)
9-3-2013 10-03-48 PM

9-3-2013 10-51-01 PM
Was Wil Myers out? The Networks never gave us a good replay.
9-3-2013 10-57-48 PM
Yunel'd it! (see what I did there?)
9-3-2013 10-57-21 PM
Interesting. Escobar did not do his overly dramatic 'safe' sign after hitting a home run.
9-3-2013 11-43-23 PM
Roberto Hernandez in relief and possibly out of the rotation for good
9-4-2013 12-03-50 AM
Sam Fuld is standing on the bag.
9-4-2013 12-16-28 AM
That's levitation, holmes
9-4-2013 12-15-57 AM
Awww, look at that love for Joe Maddon.

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  1. Beezy says:

    lol, (Sam Fuld) "he's standing on the bag"


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