After losing the first game, the Durham Bulls stormed back and won three straight over the Pawtucket Red Sox to win the Governors’ Cup Finals.

The Bulls did it in convincing fashion, 7-0, in which the PawSox managed just 2 hits. Durham will now face the winner of the Pacific Coast League on Tuesday for the triple-A championship.

Here is the final out and the celebration…



  1. Dave L says:

    Kudos to the Bulls. Speaks well to organizational depth and developing a winning attitude and mentality.

    Not to mention boost the confidence of the couple-few live young arms that could help us over the next couple of weeks if need be.

    • Sarah says:

      Not to belittle their accomplishment, but is there any correlation between W-L records at the minor league level, and MLB team success? My very unresearched impression is that sometimes the minor league teams with the most success on the field are made up of very good AAAA players like Elliott Johnson. The best prospects tend to be those who fly through the minors and don’t hang around long enough to have a strong impact on their minor league clubs. So, glad to see Durham win, but their success doesn’t, to my mind, tell us much about whether the Rays have many major league ready prospects there.

      • Chris says:

        Everyone seems to look at minor league teams as a collection of prospects instead of a reflection of an organization’s approach. The Bulls play in the South Division of the International League, which includes two other AL AAA teams — Baltimore’s and the White Sox. The Bulls have won the South Division title almost every year, and the Rays (a distinctly low payroll crowd) has been in the hunt all of those years. So I’d say there is a distinctly positive correlation between minor league team success and major league team success. Let’s not get too focused on individuals — although there are a couple of Bulls who could step in for, say, Sam Fuld, Luke Scott, or Delmon Young, and could probably help the Rays. Mind you, I’m a Bulls fan, not a Rays fan. So why am I commenting here? Good question.

  2. Burn H. says:

    Congratulations! on a well deserved win. Lets keep it rolling next week and take the whole Prize.

  3. Scott says:

    When does Charlie Montoyo get the call up to the Rays? He has won at every level and continues to do so. It’s always about players in the Minors working their way up to get their shot. He has deserved his opportunity to move up there.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      There are two possibilities for Montoyo: 1) he can become Joe Maddon’s bench coach; 2) he gets hired by another organization to be an MLB team. Both are possible and just a matter of time. Problem with the Rays is that Maddon already has a bench coach that he trusts in Dave Martinez. He is going to get a managerial job at some point. When that happens, Montoyo would be a good bet to replace him. But Montoyo is not coming up to the Rays just to be a first or third base coach. So until the bench coach job opens or another team comes calling, he is stuck at Durham.

      • Chris says:

        If I were the Rays, I’d pay Charlie whatever it takes to keep him in Durham. His crew has been feeding quality guys to the Rays for a long time now. But Cork’s probably right that another team could come calling and you’ve got to think he’d move on.

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