Prior to tonight, Delmon Young had hit 97 home runs in his career, including 16 with the Devil Rays. But until tonight, Young had never hit a home run with the Rays.

That is, until the second inning of tonight’s game when Young went deep for a solo home run…



  1. Ken says:

    I never want to see Sean Rodriguez active in a Rays uniform again. He has wasted a valuable roster spot all year. What a joke.

  2. Ken says:

    Unbelievable. The Rays are not a play-off caliber team. One crushing loss after another just won't do. Time to start thinking about how they can improve the roster for next year.

  3. OriginalTom says:

    That Sucked. On the bright side the Rays are still leading the wild card race by 2 games with 22 to go. As poorly as the Rays have played the past 5 weeks, I would not trade places with Clev, Balt,or the Yankees. Baseball is a funny game and thhis team could turn things around at any moment.

  4. ed williams says:

    funny , i read in today's paper , joe said , no more shennanigans,( spelling stinks) , about time, he said just go play, well maybe thats should have been done awhile ago, i don't know maybe the players are getting tired of the childish stuff. Or joe is finally tired of trying to get the guys to relax , and thinks maybe they are too relaxed, wierd , i agree about srod, i use to like him but he never seemed to pan out for us, the same with luke scott, i think we will make the playoffs but it is going to be another one and done, than what. Do we keep loney , i think he is on a 1 year deal, i would try to resign him, i think we have a real good infield now , except catcher, although lobaton is getting better. Wil myers looks lost in the outfield , but boy can the kid hit, so where do we make adjustments, not saying the year is over by any stretch , just wondering, and one last question, is this joyce last year , if i was him i would be gone , he just doesn't get enough playing time here. that's all, hope everybody has a great weekend and as always go rays

  5. mp645 says:

    Sean should have been gone in 2011 when we got him in a trade package. 2012 he had 18 errors...two games with 2 errors each. Is he really the godson of Maddon? This is a persistant rumor.

    Also why do they continue to use Wil late in the games? Sammy and Matt Joyce can airmail a ball to the catcher from waaaay out in right field. The kid can't throw and needs an infielder to complete the throw to home which wastes time and lets runner get in. JUST LIKE LAST NIGHT. That is NOT MLB level play.. Maddon has been working on remedial throwing. The kid is still green. We can't continue to loose....


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