During a Kelly Johnson at bat, Angels catcher Chris Ianetta was hit by a foul ball and was clearly in pain. Both Dewayne Staats and Brian Anderson assumed the ball hit Ianetta in the foot.

Unfortunately for Ianetta, the ball actually bounced up and hit him in the twig-and-berries. Anderson was clearly amused by this as he started laughing once he realized what happened.

As a former catcher, I can tell you two things: 1) cups only prevent permanent damage and do not prevent pain; 2) pitchers are evil, especially lefties. Here is the video. You can see a GIF of the play below…

Here is the GIF…


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  1. Lane Meyer says:

    Why would Anderson giggling like a buffoon surprise anyone? He does so constantly proving himself a talentless chimp. When are the Rays going to promote Kalas to play-by-play man before we lose him and get him a creditable, knowledgeable color commentator and send both DeWayne and Bonehead packing?


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