We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

Dugout kid has no idea what to do while on TV, so he just freezes

9-17-2013 6-02-56 PM
It was going to be close to see if the Rays would outdraw the triple-A championship game.
9-17-2013 6-07-51 PM
Bobby Valentine was calling the triple-A championship game. I might have photoshopped this.
Shelley Duncan got photobombed during the intros.

9-17-2013 6-29-48 PM
Not sure Evan Longoria agreed with this call. FoxTrax certainly didn't.
Tim Beckham tried to give a ball to a fan, it didn't work.

9-17-2013 7-20-45 PM
Charlie Montoyo is the anti-Joe Maddon. He wears a jersey, even if he has to wear a jacket underneath.
It was this kind of night for the Bulls

9-17-2013 8-51-50 PM
Big Tree vs the Big Dope.
9-17-2013 8-58-42 PM
Are we boring you?
A big league manager would never let a pitcher get away with this. Even if it is a 'grey area' of the rule book, the veteran manager will win.



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