We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

9-11-2013 6-08-36 PM
Very cool shot by Sun Sports to start the game
There was a moment of silence before the game
9-11-2013 8-17-58 PM
Here are the bases that were used during the game
Nobody is better in foul territory than Longoria. He flipped this ball across his body.

'I HEART sleeping naked and I have trouble catching foul balls'

9-11-2013 6-24-50 PM
Red Sox fans
The Rays nearly turned a triple-play

9-11-2013 6-47-58 PM
Are those lines shaved into Napoli's buzzcut?
9-11-2013 7-03-35 PM
"Which way did it go? Which way did it go?"
9-11-2013 7-17-06 PM
Apparently the strikezone extends to the opposite batter's box for Wil Myers
Alex Cobb playing with his dentures?

9-11-2013 7-31-10 PM
Nice dive by Drew ended the third inning when he got Joyce at second base
9-11-2013 7-29-16 PM
Joyce was out at second because he took a weak lead even though nobody was holding him on
9-11-2013 7-48-56 PM
You OK, Victorino?
9-11-2013 8-51-25 PM
On the anniversary of 9-11 your "heroes" are the Red Sox? Stay classy, Red Sox fans.
9-11-2013 10-08-43 PM
Fausto Face


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