Wil Myers delivered the game-winning hit in the bottom of the tenth inning to beat the Giants. Afterwards, his teammates unleashed a celebration that would be illegal in most states.

Here’s the video…

And in case you couldn’t quite make out what was going on, here are a couple of key screencaps…

8-3-2013 9-29-58 PM

But it didn’t stop there. During his post-game interview with Barry LeBrock, somebody got Myers with a bucket of water…

And later Evan Longoria got Myers with a pie to the face…

Which led to Myers’ face looking like this…

8-3-2013 9-36-37 PM



  1. Ken says:

    Another ++quality start by Price. Myers is, simply put, a joy to watch. He does have game.

  2. Dave L says:

    We were lucky enough to be there wow! Only a few old ladies left before the end.

    That bottom 10th was pure scouting. I dont know that reliever from Adam but he was the 4th? guy and not Romo.

    When Jenning went to full count before swinging the bat and fouling 2 off and walking i told the guy next to me that the Rays book on this guy is DONT SWING. He will just throw junk. Make him throw a strike BEFORE you swing. Sure enough Zobrist followed suit and Longo too and we jack the bases. Jennings steal was nice but Zobrist the king of dont swing would have walked either way.

    But if your 23 and MLB is easy not hard like everybody told you, you ignore the rules and swing like Ruth at a bad first pitch then simply win the game on the next one with a smooth stroke.

    That was a thing of beauty to witness live.

    BTW the bobbles were gone at 5:40 the senior 'ticket scanner watcher ' lady told me. We got there at 7.

  3. Rob says:

    I was there and have to say that I was glad Longo took an easy walk to get to Myers. To say that I have more confidence in a rookie than Longo is saying something about both of their performances at the moment. I wonder how many times the guy (in this case Zobrist) in front of Longo has been intentionally walked to get to Evan? That's telling too, even with 1st base open.

    I will say Longoria is a great teammate, though, tweeting support for Myers along with some self-deprecating humor.

  4. Andy C. says:

    Enough already with comments @ the Rays' AWESOME WIN!!! This post is about the post-game celebration. They were quite entertaining in their own right!!! Tho I'm admittedly puzzled by the mates' attempts to undress the Walk-off Hero, I LOVE IT!!!! This was the closest they seem to have gotten to their goal of actually removing a player's pants!!j Maybe the practice caught Myers by surprise. He better get used to it b/c at the rate he's going, this is the 1st of many walk-offs he'll deliver in his career!!! πŸ˜€ Frankly, I hope the guys succeed sometime, on someone!!! πŸ˜›

    And, what a Classy Move by Longoria to lead part of the celebration!!! He's been the recipient of his share, so he knows what moves to make. He sure scored a bulls-eye on that!!! His post-game tweet also showed much class!! Rays Nation is sure blessed to have all the gr8 guys we have, but these two sensations especially!!! πŸ˜€

  5. Beth says:

    Poor Myers looks more traumatized than happy. This boy clearly does not like people messing with him, even in fun. Imagine any other professional setting where your colleagues try to pull off your shirt and undo your belt after a success, and all this with 30,000 people watching? A sexual harrassment suit waiting to happen!


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