There have already been a number of college football games this week, but the season doesn’t really start until “Gameday” airs on ESPN to get the tailgating properly started. And when “Gameday” came on at 9:00, the first thing they showed was the crowd on the Clemson campus, of course.

But there was something odd about the crowd. Somebody was holding a Wil Myers Big Head in his Durham Bulls cap. Yes, the weirder the sign on “Gameday,” the better. But Clemson is about four hours from Durham and he’s a baseball player. Is there a connection I am missing?

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  1. Ken says:

    Cork, the missed connection is that Wil and the rest of the Rays have given you absolutely nothing to write about but fluff and/or an impending, classic collapse. Reminds me of Sux '11.
    I'd post that pic over any analysis explaining the recent play of our team. God Bless the Clemson fan. He/She at least provided us with a possible cool follow up story.
    Keep up the great work I look forward to your take the month's fortunes for the Rays
    Go Rays. Play all 162 and have fun doing it.
    PS- Win the freakin' division.

  2. Dave L says:

    The good news for me was MLB Network gave live pieces of last nights radio only game early on--- then aired the last 4 innings in their entirety.

    It was interesting listening to the other teams feed. This series is particularly frustrating because we are pitching well and losing tight games to a team which in many ways is a mirror image of us.

    Last nights game featured a bang bang play at second on SRod in which the bespecacled infielder made a capoiera move after receiving the ball from the 3rd baseman which in no way could have been after he kept his foot on the bag.

    With only a homer feed and no critical replay it was like a tree falling in the baseball forest which no one sees---- only hears on radio.

    This series they have gotten the bloops falling and the hard liners hit at em and we haven't. Its been good month bad month all year thank god August is over!

    See you in Sept Rays fans hopefully the lunar cycle will turn once again in our favor

    • Sarah says:

      Dave, I'm with you - the Rays seem to respond to the changes in the calendar -- great July, horrendous August. I'm convinced they'll be back strong for September.


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