We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

8-15-2013 7-55-59 PM
I think Evan Longoria motorboated David Price
8-15-2013 8-49-30 PM
Welcome back, Corn Cobb...
8-15-2013 7-20-04 PM
Longo makes a leaping grab BEHIND SECOND BASE
8-15-2013 7-17-37 PM
It's the time of season where tons of Rays fans go "WHAT, THAT'S DEREK SHELTON'S WIFE?!"
Nice grab by a dad in the stands
8-15-2013 7-29-29 PM
It was foul. Can Joe Maddon challenge?
8-15-2013 8-04-02 PM
Get down!
8-15-2013 8-24-23 PM
Can the Rays trade Wil Myers' hair back to the Royals?
8-15-2013 8-25-57 PM
Lobatron, not a fan of snakes
8-15-2013 8-26-31 PM
I will present Matt Joyce, his shirt, and his "shorts" without comment...
8-15-2013 8-33-22 PM
What the hell, dudes?
Longo bicep-forearm smash
8-15-2013 8-51-06 PM
"Wonder Twins Powers Activate!"
8-15-2013 9-05-53 PM
Wil Myers Face
8-15-2013 9-07-17 PM
Myers gives zero sh*ts...
8-15-2013 9-08-59 PM
David Price was concerned about Lobatron having to run so much on the bases...
8-15-2013 9-09-23 PM
So he offered Lobatron some water...
8-15-2013 9-09-44 PM
Joe Maddon and Chris Archer had a good laugh...

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  1. Wade says:

    I used to like watching "Growing Pains" with Wil Myers...He was a great stuntman for Kirk Cameron.


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