8-4-2013 3-31-54 PMThe GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

RAYS 4, Giants 3 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: Attendance. On Saturday, attendance was 31,969, the third largest crowd of the season and the fifth largest non-opening day crowd in the last three seasons. And then on Sunday, the Rays had a sellout. It was the first sellout for a non-opening series game since 2010. That year the Rays had five non-opening series sellouts. In reality it was probably the perfect storm for Rays attendance. The Rays are hot. It was their first weekend home games in three weeks. They had a popular giveaway on Saturday. And they were playing a popular team that hadn’t been to Tropicana Field since 2004. So good crowds was not a complete surprise. But can the Rays fans keep it up when the Rays return home next week to play the Mariners and Blue Jays? That will be the true test. But in the meantime, things are looking better…Wil Myers. OK, some will make a big deal about his bat flips which is the lamest of unwritten rules in a sea of lame unwritten rules. But man, Myers has an amazing way of making things look easy. And since the All-Star break, only Mike Trout has a better WAR (1.4) than Myers (1.3) in the American League. By the way, Ben Zobrist is third (1.0)…The Bullpen. Things got off to a shaky start. But now that the starting pitchers are doing what we all expected, the bullpen is back to a position where they can dominate. That means plenty of rest when David Price, Chris Archer, and Matt Moore are pitching. So when Roberto Hernandez is pulled before the 5th inning is over, four relievers are in a position to to throw 4.1 innings with just 2 base runners allowed. And one of those was Alex Torres hitting the first batter he faced…Sam Fuld. Fuld was in the middle of both the tying and go ahead runs on Sunday. First he drew a leadoff walk and stole second with two outs. That allowed him to score on Evan Longoria’s single. And then in the sixth inning, his 2-out single scored Yunel Escobar to give the Rays the lead for good…Evan Longoria. I’m not ready to say Longo is out of his slump. He has a lot of 1-4 games recently. But he did hit the ball hard a couple of times and was starting to look better at the plate. Let’s see if this is the start of a hot stretch.

THE BAD: Roberto Hernandez. His last start was the best start of the season. He followed that up with one of his worst solidifying Chris Archer’s spot in the rotation whenever a decision needs to be made…What Could Have Been. We all know the Rays passed on Buster Posey to draft Tim Beckham. But not as well-known is that the Rays were originally going to draft Tim Lincecum in 2006. But when the Rockies surprised the Rays and passed on Evan Longoria, the Rays went for Longo. Of course, that pick has been great and we all love Longo. But which combination would you rather have, Lincecum and Posey or Longo and Beckham? And before you answer, don’t forget the Rays would have been much more careful with Lincecum than the Giants have been. He might not have won two Cy Youngs with the Rays, but he probably wouldn’t have broken down either. On the other hand, Beckham is getting better and has a very good shot to be in the big leagues next season, even if just as a backup middle infielder. I’d probably take Lincecum and Posey. But I am also biased towards pitchers and catchers.

THE TELLING: Desmond Jennings missed Sunday’s game due to a sprained finger…On Saturday, Alex Cobb allowed just 1 run in 4 innings for single-A Charlotte in a rehab start. He struck out 3 and walked 2…Brandon Guyer was “promoted” and added to the Major League disabled list. By doing this, the Rays can potentially add a player to the 40-man roster if necessary by later moving Guyer to the 60-day DL…Juan Carlos Oviedo, who signed with the Rays as a free agent last winter after undergoing Tommy John surgery, could be added to the roster in September…Triple-A relief pitch Ramon Ramirez has been granted his release. He had only been with the Rays since the beginning of July…Warren Sapp will throw out the first pitch on Aug. 24 as the Rays will honor his induction into the Hall of Fame…The Yankees have 20 straight seasons with a winning record (per ESPN) and will likely get there again this season. The Phillies are next with 10, but their streak will likely end this season. The Rays are next with 5 straight, tied with the Cardinals… The Rays have won 52 of their last 79 games. That is the equivalent of 107 wins over a full season…The Rays are now 66-45, 1.0 game behind the Red Sox and 4.5 games ahead of the Rangers for the second Wild Card.


  • Alex Rodriguez is expected to be suspended this afternoon for 15 months. However, he is also expected to be in the lineup for the Yankees tonight. [BI Sports]
  • Matt Garza went off on a sexist rant aimed at Eric Sogard and his wife. Why? Because Sogard executed a squeeze bunt in a 1-run game. Seriously. [BI Sports]
  • David Price wants the Dodgers to be ready. He is bringing Astro to Dodger Stadium and he says Astro will poop in Yasiel Puig’s right field area. [@DAVIDprice14]
  • Data is from before this weekend’s series, but eight teams have seen bigger drops in attendance than the Rays this season. [BI Sports]
  • Mike Glennon is tall. [JoeBucsFan]


Gwinnett 4, DURHAM 1. Merrill Kelly struck out 7 and walked 2 in 6 innings. He allowed 3 runs (2 earned)…The Bulls had just 3 hits. Tim Beckham was 1-3 with a double.

MONTGOMERY 4, Chattanooga 3. Mike Colla held the Lookouts to 1 run in 7 innings. He walked 3 and did not strike out a batter…Todd Glaesmann hit his 11th home run and Kyeong Kang added his 12th.

Brevard County 9, CHARLOTTE 6. Felipe Rivero allowed 6 runs (5 earned) in 5.1 innings. He struck out 3 and walked 1…Alejandro Segovia went 2-4 with a double and 2 RBI…Hector Guevara had a double and his 7th home run.

South Bend 5, BOWLING GREEN 4. Tyler Goeddel had a pair of doubles and a walk. He drove in 2 runs.

Auburn 13, HUDSON VALLEY 4.

Bluefield 13, PRINCETON 3.





  1. Beth says:

    Was Garza this big an ass when he played with the Rays? Or perhaps he just wasn't on twitter then so we didn't know.

  2. Ken says:

    Garza's just pissed because he isn't the second coming of Price. The Rays got the best out of him, then sent his mediocre butt packing. Cubs just did the same without ever reaping the benefits. What a terrible example of sportsmanship for young Ranger fans.

  3. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    Even as a huge Longo fan I can't justify anyone saying Longo/Beckham is a preferred combo over Lincecum/Posey, although I do feel like Lincecum has already peaked while both Longo and Beckham still have upside (albeit, in the case of Longo, he's getting a bit old to think he's still on the rise).

    So, despite Posey trumping all the other pieces of the pie I still feel that in 5 or 6 years Longo/Beckham could end up being the better career combo. As for now, Lincecum/Posey hands-down.

  4. Gus says:

    How on God's green earth did the Royals trade Wil Myers? I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, that he has a central american doping clinic filled with child laborers or something. In 16 seasons of dedicated Rays watching, I can never recall enjoying somebody's at bats as much as Myers. I've been smitten before by a young Crawford, Baldelli, Longoria and Jennings as they each were called up. But this kid is better them all coming up. I know -- reversion to the mean is coming, blah blah. I don't care, I'm enjoying this stretch as much as any that I've had as a Rays fan. Watching Bryan Rykar scuffle on the mound, or Vinny Castilla swing blindly, or even Eliot Johnson fail to put down a bunt or thow the ball into the 3rd row, I almost never thought it would be possible to enjoy baseball this much. I submit that the increased attendance and TV ratings are a result of many folks feeling the same way. This may not prove to be the best Rays team, but they are certainly the most enjoyable.

    • Sarah says:

      I agree! I always look forward to his at bats because you always have the sense that something big could happen. His fielding has been at least acceptable, and his baserunning a pleasant surprise. As good as the Rays have been at developing pitching talent, they seldom seem to draft and develop this sort of impact bat with the Bryce Harper-like confident swagger. I couldn't be happier, even knowing he won't, most likely, be .330 hitter for the duration.

      But KC may be contending for a play off spot this year with James Shields as their ace, so they got what they wanted, too. Seems like this trade works for everyone.

      • Dave L says:

        Actually I think his swagger is more Cano-like already.

        Especially with the defensive non-chalance. I will never forgive myself for missing the first two weeks of his career. Here I predict a late June call up based on the extra year of control then I plan a trip out of the country that exact time.

        Note to self........I am going nowhere this October!!!!!

        • Ken says:

          Please, pick another player. I hate seeing any association between a Rays player and Yunkies.

          • Dave L says:

            I cant. Its too true.

            I cant hate every Yankee and every Sox player. I hate the arrogant fans mostly. But Cano is undeniably magnificent and smooth to watch like Wil is for his start of his career.

            Ichiro was always my favorite non Rays player. He was truly a wizard in all facets of the game. His conditioning is legendary. It broke my heart when he put on the pinstripes.

          • Ken says:

            Ok let's go with Ichiro then. I don't deny that Cano is a all-star type player. However, I don't like some of his habits, i.e not running out ground balls, his look of surprised arrogance when a ball gets under his glove and his occasional nonchalant flips to 1B on routine plays that result in hits. I, too, don't "hate" Yankee players, but over the years I have developed a great distaste for their holier than thou pinstripe organization.

    • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

      Spot on, Gus. The kid is electric. I was blown away when Longo got the call-up, and Myers is blowing that away.

      This team is an absolute pleasure to watch/enjoy every single night.

      Longo and Myers could end up being as dangerous/potent as Miggy/Fielder for years to come!

    • Dave L says:

      The only thing that they said about him that was true was that he strikes out alot at 21.3%

      But thats DOWN from 24.6% in Durham.. WTF?

      Even most his strikeouts seem to take alot of pitches. They ought to have a stat for productive outs. Striking out on 3 or 4 pitches is the killer. Seeing 7+ pitches against a starter is a productive at bat.

      Sure we faced some crappy pitchers but they are better than IL!

      Guess who the hardest guy to SO on the Rays?

      The Cubano SS at 12.33% even better than Loney

      Guess what? For all his troubles and being in a slump which seems like forever Longo still leads the team in WAR 4.0 to to Zobrists 2.8 bit they both have the same OWAR 3.0

      I think OWAR is a great stat but with the Rays especially DWAR is based on alot of BS. Tell me where a Rays infielders Zone is in UZR?

      Defensive metrics dont pass the smell test for me sometimes

    • Ken says:

      Baseball is surely the most unpredictable of all the professional sports. How did Myers make it to the 3rd round of the 2009 draft? All 30 teams whiffed on him twice at least. His signing bonus of $2M wasn't outrageous by current standards and he was a catcher!!! The Rays drafted LeVon Washington first, he didn't sign, and K. Diekroeger second, also unsigned. Washington drafted by the Indians in 2010 and is still in low A ball. Diekroeger, ironically, drafted by the Royals 2nd in 2012, and is struggling in Low A.
      Myers, on the other hand, sailed through the minors, including a shortened season in 2011 due to an injury. He is certainly the most interesting rookie position player the rays have ever brought up Gus.
      What impresses me most is his approach to the game. From what little bio info I can gather, he believes that he was destined to play ball. It's that simple and that rare. Few of us can say that we knew what we would become at an early age. Myers knew, and it shows.
      In all my years of playing, coaching and watching baseball I've only run across one such person. He played locally, was on the same LL team as my son, and believed at age 9 that he was going to be a MLB player. He made it, had some success, some injuries and was recently released by a MLB club.
      I wish for Wil the best of luck. May injuries not find him, may he not replace his passion for money and may he be, always, as he is now: a kid who loves to play the game.

  5. Ken says:

    PED sentences handed down. Two thoughts: ARod, Cervelli, Montero, Colon all current or former Yanks. Clemens and Petite also admitted before '03 but I am certain used afterwards. The Yanks brass and players knew then and now. They had too, clubhouses' hold few secrets. The brass and non-users chose to look the other way, their need to win at all costs overrode their sense of honesty. A once proud franchise now nothing more than a fraud.
    Secondly, every hit, strike out, Po, stolen base by these cheaters affected non cheaters negatively, whether it be ERA, Saves, K's, wins, losses, arbitration hearings, play off/ world series/all star results. A juiced Cruz cost the Rays in the playoffs. Next CBA should include this provision: you use, you're banned for life, period.

    • Gus says:

      Don't forget JC Romero who tested positive in September for PEDs used to battle August "fatigue", appealed to stay eligible and was still used by the Phillies (who could have left him off the post-season roster had they had a shred oif integrity) and Romero was the winning pitcher in 2 of the 4 World Series wins over the Rays (who couldn't hit lefties) while still juiced up. Tainted title.

      (Also this indirectly led to the signing of Pat Burrell, one of the top 5 worst moves in Rays history) .

      Glad to see Longo speak out on a-Rod. As a skeptic, I've always worried how clean Longo was, if only because of how brittle he has become. Glad to see him stand up for clean baseball. While I know "he protests too much" may be a rival team's observation, I'm willing to give people who speak up credit until they prove me wrong.

      Yankees should not play A-Rod. That simple. It is a baseball decision. Giardi holds the card.

      • Ken says:

        Damn, forgot all about Romero. Now I'm even more pissed. Longo's no user, I'd bet my pension on that. Good for him, speaking out, more players should do the same. Giradi is a puppet, he'll play it as he is told. What a f'ed up franchise.

  6. Gus says:

    Nelson Cruz should get an extra 50 games for the whopper of a lie he told today about taking juice because he lost 40 pounds because of a GI ailment. Unless he had Giambi's intestinal parisite, that is a big fat lie. Compare this sotry from spring 2012:

    Napoli continues to be a suspicous character. Red Sox avoid detection again.

  7. Dave L says:

    I heard some MLB talking head say this is a victory for testing. Testing has been a failure, Braun case is exhibit A and testing had nothing to do with Biogenesis. How many Biogenesis labs are there?? MLB got this handed on a silver platter.

    This last scandal has finally scared enough of the players. So I think this current climate has hammered PED use down to less than 50% of current MLB and the clean players are finally speaking out. They know anyone can still game the system with timing certain times of the year

    Rays fans are delusional if they think none of those 25 guys out there didn't take some form of PED in the last 12 months.

    Its finally getting to the point where the clean players are sick of having to deal with the dirty players and they are finally in the majority, but only recently.

    I think that many PED's should be legal for injured players if its under a league approved doctors supervision and MLB is notified of the regimen and its medically sound reasoning.

  8. Ken says:

    Teams with tainted players on their rosters should have to contribute the unpaid salaries of suspended players to a MLB program that tests every player on an on going basis.

  9. bbmern says:

    Was enjoyable to see the Yanks get rocked last night...and the Sux losing to Houston. 🙂

    I agree with others here. Wil Myers is so much fun to watch. I agreed with most of all of the above comments. I'm so glad that dumbassed Don is no longer on this site poisoning the well.

  10. Alan says:

    Weekend attendance:

    This weekend was great. It was significantly assisted by marketing by the Rays. Saturday night was alumni weekend for USF and many thousands were in that group. Sunday the same thing but with FSU alumni, even more alumnus. These two groups accounted for at least 5,000 or more at each game. Hope we can keep getting large groups like that for future games.


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