We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

8-24-2013 6-14-45 PM
Check out the Ichiro spray chart and where the Rays were playing him in left field. That's called, doin' homework.
8-24-2013 7-39-08 PM
Price got screwed when this was called ball-3 instead of an inning-ending strikeout.
8-24-2013 7-59-25 PM
David Price had a hat-tip for Matt Joyce's big catch
What is David DeJesus doing?
8-24-2013 9-00-47 PM
Go home. MLB.tv. You've been drunk for a while.
Looks like the outfielders have a new post-game celebration...
8-24-2013 9-48-54 PM
David Price sure does love his 2010 St. Patty's day cap
Let's all laugh and point at Soriano pimping a flyball that was caught on the warning track
Umps missed more than one call on Saturday, including this non-tag on Escobar
8-25-2013 1-08-48 PM
Now the Rays are using multiple shifts in the same at bat such as these varying formations from picth-to-pitch. Longo is circled in both.
8-25-2013 1-41-28 PM
Later, Granderson beat the shift anyway
This is worth one more look
8-25-2013 1-17-48 PM
Of course Yunel Escobar slides into first base and is out by inches
Sad Yankees fan has the sadz
8-25-2013 1-47-56 PM
Nice stop by Zobrist
8-25-2013 2-27-03 PM
Without anybody holding him on, Granderson looked like he was ready for a sprint
8-25-2013 2-42-09 PM
Great view of Joyce's slide showing how he did not slide directly at the bag
8-25-2013 2-53-58 PM
If I am at the plate and a guy throwing 97 has his eyes closed, I would make a mess in my big boy pants
8-25-2013 4-00-23 PM
Nice snag by Jamey Wright
8-25-2013 4-02-52 PM
A-Rod was easily doubled because didn't even try going back to the bag until he noticed nobody was covering
8-25-2013 4-04-18 PM
Yunel Escobar face
8-26-2013 7-02-57 AM
A-Rod did not start on Sunday but he was booed loudly when he pinch-hit late in the game
8-26-2013 7-17-37 AM
Mariano Rivera picked up a save in his final appearance at The Trop


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