We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

8-6-2013 9-31-15 PM
That's a welcome graphic.
8-6-2013 9-36-37 PM
New outfielder Jason Bourgeois is only 5-9. Can you tell?
8-6-2013 9-50-40 PM
Joe Maddon Face.
8-6-2013 10-14-51 PM
Go to baseball game. Pay ZERO attention (my neighborhood pool is free, but I guess I dont get on TV)
8-6-2013 10-16-10 PM
Nice pants, TK
8-6-2013 10-18-07 PM
This is what Jeremy Hellickson looked like after his first big league hit, which seems fitting.
8-6-2013 10-19-21 PM
Hellickson did eventually crack a smile. Well, if you call this a smile.
8-6-2013 10-27-12 PM
This is not Jamey Wright's best angle.
Ryan Roberts is angry. RAWRRR!
8-6-2013 10-31-28 PM
Odd sight at a #Dbacks game. And the Dbacks TV guys dont have a telastrator.
Look out!
8-6-2013 10-33-54 PM
Dbacks TV discussing Wil Myers lack of batting gloves. This is view during discussion.
8-6-2013 10-40-26 PM
Some Ryan Roberts fans remember his stint with the DBacks.
8-6-2013 10-52-09 PM
Have seen this before, but Rays OFers do use cheat sheets for defensive positioning.
8-6-2013 11-12-56 PM
Good thing Jason Bourgeois is 5-9 and not 5-8.


  1. CDeBald says:

    Don't comment often, but wanted to thank you for these daily gifs and such, you do a great job on them, highlight of my morning! Glad Longo got a shot and Helly a hit anyway!

  2. Rob says:

    Ryan Roberts shouldn't take his anger out on his bat. Maybe he should just quit swinging at sliders in the dirt. Was probably thinking he would get a fastball on a 3-2 count and made up his mind he was swinging before the pitch was ever made. These guys need to quit thinking so much and just work on a "see pitch, hit pitch" approach.

    • Zach says:

      That might be tough to do because Maddon and his staff are so entrenched in statistics. Not saying you're wrong. in fact I think you're very right, but I just don't think the approach is going to change.


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