While looking for something else, I came across the games last season in which the Rays and White Sox got into a minor bean ball war. At the time, for reasons that escape me, I never listened to White Sox announcer Hawk Harrelson’s call of the play that started it all.

But before we get to that, let me set the scene in case you don’t recall all of the details (you can skip to the video at the bottom of this post if you prefer)…

Early in the second game of the series, AJ Pierzynski tried to break up a double-play with one of the dirtiest slides you will ever see. It was a late slide and Pierzynski led with his spikes right into Ben Zobrist’s shin. It was the type of slide that could have easily resulted in a broken ankle or a broken tibia/fibula if Zobrist’s foot would have been planted more firmly…

Zobrist was clearly not happy and had some words for Pierzynski as he got up and walked off the field.

The next afternoon, in the final game of the series, Alex Cobb hit Pierzynski with a pitch that was clearly retaliation. Pierzynski was not happy and looked out to Cobb several times on the way to first base.

That led to Jose Quintana throwing behind Ben Zobrist later in the game. The umpire immediately ejected Quintana and that led to Harrelson losing his god damned mind. You can see that video in the post we put up at the time.

OK. Got that?

But what about the original dirty slide? What was Harrelson’s reaction to that play? Actually, it was even worse than you can imagine.

As he is watching the replay, Harrelson’s initial reaction is to hope that Pierzynski didn’t hurt himself on the slide. That’s right. Pierzynski just spiked another player on purpose and Hawk Harrelson was worried that Pierzynski might be hurt. Can’t make it up.

This might be the single worst display of homerism ever from the most homerific announcer in sports. And I’m pissed I missed it the first time…



  1. Matt says:

    It sounds like Steve Stone is about to comment on how dirty the slide was on seeing the replay until Hawk pipes in with his comment asking whether A.J. is okay. And then Steve just rolls with it. I bet Steve wishes he was still with the Cubs.

  2. Beth says:

    Is it possible that "I hope he's alright" refers to Zobrist?

    But I love the excuse that it's "a little muddy there." Aren't they playing in Tropicana Field? How would the infield dirt get muddy?

  3. Geoff Peterson says:

    This makes me glad we didn't try to sign AJ in the offseason. I don't like that style of play and it gets defended by homers all the time as "Being a gamer". It's dirty and AJ has also tried his little cheating incidents and got away with it too. Any time Doug Eddings is in blue and AJ is in the game, watch out for that kind of bush league BS. Let us not forget the elbow incident.


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