The Tampa Bay Rays have honored Mariano Rivera with a gigantic sand sculpture at the entrance of Tropicana Field.

The sand sculpture is not only fitting because of the Rays’ proximity to the beach, but also because Rivera enters games at Yankee Stadium to the song “Enter Sandman.”

Of Rivera’s 645 career saves, 63 have come against the Rays. Only the Orioles (75) have been victimized more. Of those, 36 have come at Tropicana Field. Again, only Camden Yards (41) has more. Rivera also has 36 saves at Fenway Park.

Here is Rivera posing next to the sculpture with Rays president Matt Silverman…

Here is another view…




  1. Rob says:

    Cool – will get to see it tonight.

  2. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    They really should wait until he retires to honor him. I get that it’s a classy move and all that other jazz, but how dumb would it have looked had Rivera come in and saved the game v. the Rays tonight? I just don’t see why you don’t do it next season; invite him to the park, let him throw out the first pitch, something…

  3. rick says:

    Do you really not get why they are honoring him this season?

    • Dave L says:

      Smith is right. the only reason I can think of is to draw in more Yankees fans?

      He is the active closer on our division rival. Honor him when he no longer opposes us.

      Why dont we hang his jersey in the Concourse at the Trop and put a little table there so transplanted New Yorkers who live in Tampa Bay and dress thier kids in Yanks gear even though they are born in Tampa area can light candles and worship him forever.

      I dont like the precedence of this crap.

      Who’s next? ARod? Jeter? Big Papi? Ichiro is every good a player at his position as Rivera is and more productive as well.

    • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

      Do you really get why they are?
      Sadly, Dave might be right, it’s at least in part to pander to NY fans to drive attendance. Ugh. Say it ain’t so.

      To reiterate, I think he deserves to be praised- just not while he still plays for a division rival.

      • Dave L says:

        Exactly. Especially in a pennant race.

        Sure honor Cal if they fellow bottom feeders like we were or Chipper if he plays in the other League.

        Not an opposing player whose fans fill the empty eats in large numbers. Only Rays fans who dont go to games, especially Yankees games, could possibly think this is a good idea.

        Just seeing all the pinstriped fans lining up gleefully to have their foto taken with that monstrosity of ‘honor’ would make me want to puke.

        To me its offensive.

  4. OriginalTom says:

    All teams have been honoring Rivera not just the Rays. It was the same thing for Chipper last year and Gwynn and Ripken when they retired. Why would the Rays look dumb if Rivera saved the game?

    • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

      Do you not see the obvious difference in those farewell honors versus that this one?

      • OriginalTom says:

        I do not Mr. Smith. My point is Every team honored Chipper, Gwynn, Ripken, and Rivera. A bunch of teams were fighting with the Braves last year for the Wild Card spot yet those teams were still okay with honoring him. Is this different because we are in a pennant race? Or is it because it is the hated yankees? These players are all 1st ballot Hall of Famers who spent their entire careers with one team and deserve to be celebrated for their careers. If Jeter announces 2014 is his final season he will enjoy the same accolades. With any luck,the Yankees will be celebrating the end of Longoria’s Hall of Fame career some time around 2026.

  5. Charles Truth says:

    I think the statue is so wrong and a slap in the face. The statue looks like a totally different person and I don’t believe it was a mistake…..the shame they should feel……they should feel like they cant hold their heads low enough..but they probably dont feel at all….this should be corrected

  6. Charles Truth says:

    why did they hide his ears?

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