We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

8-27-2013 8-13-23 PM
This couple is on their honeymoon. He is wearing a (Mike) Trout hat. They are at the Trop.
Sun Sports debuted their "Phantom Cam" which records at 5,000 frames per second
Phantom Cam made this high-five oddly mesmerizing
8-27-2013 10-35-28 PM
Well, this was awkawrd
8-27-2013 7-03-31 PM
Meanwhile, on the Angels' broadcast
C.J. Wilson, snipered
8-27-2013 8-51-34 PM
Last night's crowd...
Ben Zobrist's heiny at 5,000 frames per second!
8-27-2013 9-28-40 PM
Rays probably win this game if Desmond Jennings catches this blooper
8-27-2013 9-27-16 PM
That blooper was made worse when nobody covered second base
8-27-2013 9-37-36 PM
Finally, it was former Rays reliever Dane De La Rosa in for the save. Too bad he didn't get to face Sean Rodriguez.


  1. Rob says:

    I was sitting in the outfield and couldn't see Desmond's eyes - did he take his eye off the ball to look at the runner?


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