The Rays missed a golden opportunity to tie tonight’s game when Ryan Roberts came up with the bases loaded and the Rays trailing by one.

But on the first pitch, rather than sit on a specific pitch in a specific part of the strikezone, Roberts flailed at a slider out of the strikezone. At that point, it was a foregone conclusion that Roberts would strike out. Well, to everybody except the Mariners broadcasters, who seemed genuinely surprised and pumped up when Roberts went down…



  1. Lane Meyer says:

    I wonder what they sounded like when the M's choked in the 9th?

  2. J 2.0 says:

    I am sure Roberts is a nice guy and everything. He gives maximum effort, but he is not a major leaguer. This guy needs to stay on the bench at all cost. At this point I would rather give Belnome a shot over Roberts, but Roberts salary keeps him in the game.

  3. bbmern says:

    He's had his moments but...would be happy to see him go. Last night's game in the finally inning was a thriller for me. I hope this is the end of this terrible slump for our Rays. The Yankees are slowly creeping up and I would hate to see them catch up to us at any point.


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