We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

8-13-2013 5-40-16 PM
New #Rays pitcher Wesley Wright was chatting it up with the media before the game
8-13-2013 6-05-26 PM
Mom putting herself on display for Yunel Escobar
8-13-2013 8-11-46 PM
A close-up of Luke Scott's blue rat tail
8-13-2013 6-10-19 PM
I guess the fans didn't get the memo that the road trip was over
8-13-2013 6-12-31 PM
Chris Archer didn't even turn around on this home run by Brad Miller
8-13-2013 7-26-18 PM
The second home run by Brad Miller might have been farther, but Chris Archer wanted to watch this one
No, it's cool, you don't have to touch the ball boy. No, really, please stop.
8-13-2013 7-07-27 PM
I'd like to think I could do this. but *Ving Rhames voice* I dont know. I just dont know
8-13-2013 8-22-56 PM
Remember: We should know late-career power surges are evidence of steroids unless they arent named Bonds
8-13-2013 7-23-59 PM
That's impressive
Shift Fail
8-13-2013 7-50-15 PM
Joe Maddon threw Wesley Wright into the fire right away
8-13-2013 7-43-27 PM
HE WAS SAFE! Wait. Was he?
8-13-2013 7-46-10 PM


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