We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

8-26-2013 1-04-25 PM
Beautiful afternoon in K.C. even if the shirts were questionable
8-26-2013 1-04-51 PM
Last time the Rays were in K.C. it was snowing
8-26-2013 1-14-32 PM
The game was only being broadcast by MLB.tv, so that meant generic scorebug graphics
Cameradude is groovin'
8-26-2013 1-30-04 PM
Weekday make up game during the school year meant about 5,000 people in the stands
8-26-2013 2-45-33 PM
Another view of the "crowd"
8-26-2013 3-20-22 PM
8-26-2013 1-58-49 PM
Who needs a roof when your wife will just hold an umbrella over your head during the make-up of a snowed-out game
8-26-2013 2-14-08 PM
I think that is chalk. At least I hope it is chalk.
8-26-2013 3-19-12 PM
Do not underestimate the number of hillbillies that live in the KC area
8-26-2013 3-33-50 PM
Wil Myers had an aventure in right field in from the Royals fans
8-26-2013 2-48-20 PM
8-26-2013 2-47-55 PM
What do you think, David DeJesus?
Of course, we know what Joe Maddon thought as he got ejected


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