We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

8-9-2013 9-23-42 PM
'That's not my cap. Oh wait. Yeah it is.'
Rob Reiner showed up to watch the Rays (and possibly the Dodgers)
8-9-2013 10-01-42 PM
This was a nifty slide by Wil Myers, even if he did look like a fish flopping on land
8-9-2013 10-10-53 PM
Yasiel Puig was playing center field like he bet on the Rays
It was ugly
And this is Yasiel Puig's pain face
8-9-2013 10-52-38 PM
Marty McFly's Dad + Bryce Harper + Amish = JP Howell
Evan Longoria teased JP Howell about his hair
8-9-2013 11-16-32 PM
"DEE-wayne Staats" (BA's pronunciation) won the award for "best professional partner in a dramatic sitcom"
Yet another infielder took the scenic route on a Jose Molina double-play
8-9-2013 11-54-50 PM
Jose Molina is great at some things. And then there is blocking pitches.
Fidgety Dodgers fan in a suit. That's never happened before. Don't do drugs, kids.
8-10-2013 11-23-28 AM
Evan Longoria getting some love during the PGA Championship
8-10-2013 6-43-56 PM
Luke Scott's rat tail in full effect.
8-10-2013 6-53-26 PM
Even though Fox had a clear shot of the Rays using the hidden ball trick, it took them several innings to realize Uribe wasn't out for leaving too early on a tag up
8-10-2013 6-45-42 PM
Everybody had a good laugh, including the umpire...
8-10-2013 6-48-17 PM
8-10-2013 6-46-56 PM
8-10-2013 6-48-53 PM
Escobar didn't think so...
8-10-2013 6-50-24 PM
Who got a nice long stare from the ump after slamming his helmet
8-10-2013 6-50-45 PM
And Tim Foley didn't think so either, who got tossed by an ump that was already on edge
8-10-2013 6-52-05 PM
Did Jamey Wright try to sneak one by during an intentional walk. Not only was it above the plate, but it had some zip...
8-11-2013 6-59-37 PM
Future is so bright...
8-11-2013 7-46-00 PM
Ryan Roberts with the Ole...
It's amazing there aren't more elbow injuries
8-11-2013 8-12-05 PM
Just one of those weekends
8-11-2013 8-15-48 PM
If Alex Torres were a President, he'd be Baberaham Lincoln.
8-11-2013 8-26-59 PM
The results sucked, but it was fun seeing the Rays at Dodger Stadium and hearing Vin Scully call a Rays game
8-11-2013 8-45-52 PM
Yunel Escobar doing Yunel Escobar things
8-11-2013 9-38-29 PM
Wil Myers just missed a grand slam that might have made things interesting on Sunday. He also just missed the security guard apparently.
8-11-2013 9-55-34 PM
And this is what you call a "mercy strike" to end the series


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