It’s always nice when then new guy gets involved. Such was the case when Jason Bourgeois delivered the walk-off hit to end the Rays’ 6-game skid.

To celebrate the occasion, he was rewarded with an ice water bat via Yunel Escobar

And here is the key moment. Great shot by the Sun Sports crew…

8-14-2013 10-51-21 PM

I also love that there was still ice on his head when he completed the interview…

8-14-2013 9-38-43 PM



  1. Amanda says:

    Cork, check out picture No. 2 here:

    I thought the best thing about the ice bath was that Kalas sold it. He didn't flinch or move. I noticed it last night when it was happening live, and you can see it in the GIF. Talk about taking one for the team.


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