Fox launched their new ESPN Killer, Fox Sports 1, this weekend. With FS1 comes their highlight show version of “SportsCenter,” called “Fox Sports Live.”

Considering how much disdain many Rays fans have towards the self-proclaimed Worldwide Leader in Sports, I decided to take a look at how each network handled the highlights for yesterday’s big walk-off win over the Blue Jays.

First off, here is “Fox Sports Live.” The highlights package comes in at a whopping 1:44, and likely about 0:44 more than the amount of Rays highlights on “SportsCenter” for the last seven days combined. And “Fox Sports Live” is fun! They did start the highlights with a joke at the Rays’ expense. But at least it was original and not a recycled joke about attendance…

For comparison, here are the highlights from the same game on “SportsCenter.” To be fair, their package was timed at about 1:33, which is pretty good for ESPN. And ESPN not only used Dave Wills’ call (“It’s Ice Cream time!”), but they gave some background on the ice cream celebration and included it with the highlights…

It was just one night. But for my money, if you want good highlights that are fun, skip “SportsCenter” and give “Fox Sports Live” a try.



  1. Lane Meyer says:

    I agree with today's article in the Times. Their screen is way too busy. I didn't by a big screen HDTV to watch bottom lines and preview panes. Show the highlights full screen.

  2. Rob says:

    I actually found the lack of complete thoughts and sentences on the part of the Fox guys a little distracting.

    • KT says:

      Agreed, almost sounded as if they hadn't watched the clip beforehand and were just wingin' it.

      • Beth says:

        Yes, me too. The Fox announcer sounded sort of tongue-tied. Save the fun and give me professionalism. Fart jokes? Really?

        • Burn H. says:

          Just caught the coverage of the AZ game, where the same voice cut the same tired Bark at the Park humor this time adding a description of dog droppings under the seats. I can't stand his voice.

  3. Beezy says:

    That's 1st I seen of FoxSports1, but besides the "fart chamber" comment, ESPN's highlights & commating of it was a lot better. It probably isn't fare to compare a Stuart Scott highlight 2 some rookie, lol...

  4. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    My first impression of FS1? Meh.
    They seemed to be more focused on trying to be funny than on covering the clip. The screen was very busy and contained too much to process.

  5. Burn H. says:

    On FX1, is the analyst from Canada or was that just pandering to the northern crowd, ey?

  6. Gus says:

    They are the top duo from Canada. They mispronounced a guy's (forgot the player) name I wasn't sure if they were joking or clueless. At best, it will keep ESPN honest, but I'm all MLB network all the time anyway. That is the best cable channel in the business. Well done. Smart. With only a deodorant ad ("Who kept their cool") from being perfect.

    Gabe Kapler was on FS1 last night, so that is good. He is close with the Rays administration.


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