We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

8-21-2013 8-51-06 PM
8-21-2013 10-00-11 PM
Yep, he hit that one a ways...
8-21-2013 7-43-45 PM
And Chris Davis hit this one hard...
Hellickson's reaction to this home run summed up the night perfectly
8-21-2013 8-54-52 PM
Little early, no?
8-21-2013 9-00-14 PM
Good look at the shift teams use against Myers. Groundball pull. Flyball slightly opposite field.
8-21-2013 9-26-02 PM
Yes, this is how the game ended, on a stone base attempt.
8-21-2013 9-19-10 PM
And this is the face of a man thrown out stealing to end a game.
8-21-2013 9-34-01 PM
Did we wake you, Joe?


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