We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

8-19-2013 8-11-15 PM
Apparently Joe Gnome was managing last night
Geez, not I can't NOT see Evan Longoria doing chewing tobacco
8-19-2013 8-17-27 PM
David Price loogy
8-19-2013 8-18-01 PM
David Price shocked
It was one of those nights for Price
8-19-2013 8-31-35 PM
David Price was so frustrated that he started talking to god
8-19-2013 9-18-43 PM
Jusssstttt missed it.
Boy, Rays outfielders miss these balls a LOT
8-19-2013 9-34-50 PM
And you gotta catch this...
8-19-2013 9-39-15 PM
And this pitch on the third strike foul
8-19-2013 9-57-10 PM
Jose Molina came through with his arm
which led to Jose Molina upper-cut
8-19-2013 10-04-02 PM
Jason Bourgeois getting some love from Joe Maddon
8-19-2013 10-05-04 PM
Ben Zobrist fielded the final out and was nearly in foul territory
8-19-2013 10-05-43 PM
Rays WIN!


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