The Oakland A’s need a new stadium almost as bad as the Rays do. And the latest evidence was when Fernando Rodney got locked in the bathroom and somebody had to pry the door open with a bat…

And here are the Rays celebrating like they just clinched a playoff berth…



  1. Ken says:

    Scored tied 3-3, top of eight, one out, men on 2nd and 3rd....I wonder where Jeter, Ichiro, and Soriano's focus would be? Get some perspective Rays, you're sliding from contenders to pretenders pretty quickly. Would Shields have put up with this crap?

    • JJ says:

      I'm sure that JoMa would reply that "joking while choking makes the medicine go down".

    • Sarah says:

      Oh, please.

      Show me evidence that losing your sense of humor helps win games.

      • Ken says:

        Show me evidence that keeping your sense of humor while tanking a 3 game series against the A's helps team spirit.
        Shields would have been on the rail cheering and a lot of players would be with him. The victory dance was immature and ill timed.

  2. ed williams says:

    i don't mind the celebrating when tying or getting a big hit, but i think ken is right, we need to show a little more professionalism, or maybe i am being hyper critical , i don't know, even this thing about after the game and the turning the light on thing, maybe there isn't enough pressure put on them, i'm not in the clubhouse so of course i don't know, sometimes pressure isn't a bad thing , but when you are told not to worry all the time than what do you think, but i did see joe have a few comments this week that made me think that maybe he is getting on the players a little, look i want this team to win so bad that i keep coming up with excuses myself lol ,but as i was told on twitter by dave wells, paraphrasing, we keep winning 90 games a year, for the last couple , to which i replied where is the world series championship, maybe i expect to much, and yes i am a fan from day 1 , believe it or not and i do go to games, so i know how bad they where back than, but my expectations have gone up, and so should thiers, wow that was a long rant, go rays.

  3. Ken says:

    All Rays fans deserve to rant a little right now Ed. I'm with you. While I'm not ready to hit the panic button I have some, IMO, legitimate concerns.
    Where's the core leadership among this group of players? I don't see it. We don't have vets like Boston, Baltimore, Texas, Oakland and the hated Yankees. Even the Indians boast a few veterans to help focus the younger players.
    How about the bullpen? It sucks right now. There is no consistency.
    Clutch hitters? Besides Zorilla, who is stepping it up a notch?
    This stretch run will be all about the players not the management. I think Friedman has done as good as he could in making the team better. Maddon's managing has been steady. He can't produce the key hit or strikeout.
    There are just so many "Wait till next year" for any ball club. Ask Ortiz, Reynolds, Soriano, Crisp, Swisher, Beltre, Ichiro, etc. Gotta win now, gotta win today. Go Rays.

  4. ed williams says:

    funny my son hit the panic button, but he is a true rays fan ,born and raised here, and i can't wait for sept baseball, that is what i tell my son, we are still within striking distance, but like you said where is the leaders, molina (?) evan doesn't seem to much of a leader , in as much as vocal , but that's ok he does it with his glove and bat, of course my fav is zobrist, but he doesn't seem to much a leader, so really where does that leave us, friedman really didn't pick up anybody at the deadline , and i don't just mean for hitting and all more for leadership, joe can't do it all, actually as much as he aggravates me with some of his ra ra stuff he is one heck of a manager, and to be honest i don't think i would want anybody else right now. Now i do have a question, is loney sighned to a 1 year deal or 2 , i personally would bring him back, we need to start bringing people in for stability, i know zo is sighned for maybe 1 or 2 more years so that would put us in good shape up the middle , except catcher , although lobaton is doing a lot better than i thought. but if we sighned loney that would set our infield up real well for a couple more years since escobar is sighned for a couple more years i believe. actually i was joking about molina , but when i think about it he should be a good vet, considering his families ties to baseball he should know a lot. If we remember 08 we had good vets who knew when to at least speak up or put thier foot down, or even when to let the kids be kids, again sometimes joe maybe thinks he can micor manage, ? boy sometimes i wish i can be a fly on the wall in the clubhouse just to see what really goes on. Hey cork , maybe you can give us some idea, who and how is the clubhouse really run, do the players have a say, or is it just the manager and coaches. hey hope everybody has a safe and wonderful weekend , and as always go rays

  5. Sarah says:

    Maybe the Athletics can use this when as they make their case for a new stadium?


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