We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

8-16-2013 7-43-05 PM
C'mon, Wil Myers would have caught this (maybe)
8-18-2013 3-35-21 PM
I had no idea Longo did chewing tobacco. He is certainly sublte about it and several people said he's been doing it for a while
8-16-2013 9-17-13 PM
Lobaton soared on Friday night
8-16-2013 9-25-32 PM
And was rewarded
8-18-2013 2-47-49 PM
JA Happ and Alex Cobb sat down for a joint interview. Both pitchers were hit by linedrives at The Trop this season
I have no idea
Look who was wearing stirrups!
8-18-2013 1-34-32 PM
Archer faked Gose back to the bag without a throw.
8-18-2013 1-34-50 PM
Gosx got a chuckle out of it
8-18-2013 1-38-26 PM
Gose then took off on a flyball to center. It was close, but he was safe.
8-18-2013 1-40-14 PM
Of course, it is not clear how the ump got it right looking at Longo's backside
The umpire asked Chris Archer to do what?
8-18-2013 1-47-30 PM
Longo opposite field home runs are never boring
8-18-2013 1-48-02 PM
But did a fan interfere by reaching over?
8-18-2013 1-51-42 PM
It was definitely close, but the umps ruled it was a home run
8-18-2013 1-55-18 PM
Matt Joyce may have missed the catch on Friday, but he rebounded nicely on Sunday
8-18-2013 1-56-57 PM
Did the fan in the front row think he was going to catch it?
8-18-2013 1-55-44 PM
Chris Archer certainly thought it was gone
Chris Archer thought this one was gone. He was excited when it wasn't.
8-18-2013 2-32-13 PM
No comment
8-18-2013 2-18-55 PM
The strikezone tracker is helpful during an intentional walk (no it isn't)
Chris Archer reacted to this home run like a kid in a haunted house
8-18-2013 2-47-14 PM
The Rays missed a big opportunity in the 7th when Bourgeois missed a squeeze bunt attempt
8-18-2013 3-21-02 PM
And the Blue Jays missed an opportunity in the 9th when this fly ball hit the top of the wall and stayed in the park
8-18-2013 3-51-45 PM
The weekend of Lobatron!



  1. Dre says:

    I remember Longo dipping during his first full season with the Rays. I thought he had quit - in fact, I thought he publicly acknowledged that he stopped doing it to focus more on the game itself. perhaps he picked it back up?

    • Beth says:

      Could there be a stupider habit? It's dirty, it's unhealthy, and why??

      • Dre says:

        yeah, I'm surprised to see him doing it again. It's disgusting and cannot help your focus at all. And, now that he has a child and had seemed to be taking the mature route, this feels like a regression.

  2. Beezy says:

    I like the still pics of balls hit into the stands, as the people seem to lean out of the way of the ball in the opposite direction of the where they are to the ball, like how grass leans in the opposite direction when you hit it with a leaf-blower, lol....

  3. tucker forbes says:

    Evan longoria can do whatever he wants. What gives you the right to judge what he does, i mean its a bad habit but its his life. He's a pro baller so you can't be one to judge.


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