Jason Dufner tied the record for the lowest round ever in a major during the second round of the PGA Championship.

Why are we talking about that here? Well, after the round, Evan Longoria posted a picture of himself Dufnering inside Dodger Stadium and today, that picture was mentioned on TNT’s broadcast at the PGA Championship…

8-10-2013 11-23-28 AM

If you are not familiar with Dufnering, it started when this picture was taken of Dufner a while back…

8-10-2013 11-23-59 AM



  1. mp645 says:

    Maybe batting practice would have been a better use of his time.

    • CRRaysHead90 says:

      Oh get over it...the picture took him 3 seconds to take and a minute max to tweet. The Rays clubhouse is supposed to be a fun place and I doubt a minute and a half (max) loss of BP is gonna make or break us.


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