Delmon YoungDelmon Young raised a few eyebrows last week when he signed a minor league contract with the Rays and then chose to play for the double-A Montgomery Biscuits instead of the triple-A Durham Bulls.

Well, it turns out he picked Montgomery because they don’t have any remaining road trips, according to Stacy Long of the Montgomery Advertiser (that link includes a link to Young speaking with the media, but that video does not include Young’s comments on why he chose Montgomery).

Sure enough, a look at the Biscuits’ schedule shows that they had eight games remaining when Young reported, including five games at home and three games at nearby Birmingham. The Biscuits will be staying at home during the Birmingham series and driving to the park each day.

Meanwhile, the Bulls finish the season with six-game road trip over five days in two cities.

It is certainly an odd reason to pick a lower-level team to play for while tuning up for another run with the Rays. But I guess it makes sense.



  1. Adam W says:

    Is this a hint of other issues down the line?

    This decision seems to indicate an attitude of "I'm more worried about my comfort than playing against competition that could better prepare me for a call up."

    Perhaps I'm reading too much into it, but I find it odd if this reason is true.

    • Sarah says:

      He may also still have family in Montgomery.

      Riding minor league buses can't be much fun after many years in the majors. He's just there to take batting practice.

      Heck, the team sends its players for rehab stints in Port Charlotte because it is more convenient than Durham. Why is this any different?

  2. Ken says:

    More of a concern is his performance at AA. Small sample for sure but I'd be a lot more confident if he was raking AA pitching. Hellboy also is now an issue of concern after that awful KC start.
    On the flip side DeJesus looks good as a Ray so far.

  3. Lane Meyer says:

    I think it makes sense. They had to stash him somewhere for 10 days until callups and why mess with Durham's playoff team and cost one of their players a spot on the roster and a demotion? People would have bitched about that too. I'm not a big Delmon fan but people seem to always want to look for the worst in him given his past issues on and off the field.

  4. Allen says:

    I'm not a Delmon Young fan either but his choice of Montgomery makes sense to me as a tune up for September expansion. Ken brings up the real worry---Hellickson. What's with this guy? Does he need to go to Port Charlotte to learn again how to pitch? He's simply pathetic, is not worthy of wearing a major league uniform.

    I believe it may have been Cork a few days back who wrote some insightful comments about Hellboy. He's either telegraphing his pitches or he's lost his slider. Either way, he needs rehab and I'd hate for it to have to wait unitl Spring Training. When Moore returns he can be dropped from the rotation.

  5. AJNO says:

    excellent thought process. shows me he is using his head. something he has never really been known to do in the past...


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