We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

David Price is ready for the college football season
8-28-2013 7-46-48 PM
His cleats even had spats with a birthday wish for his mom
Price threw a bullpen session in the football gear
And Matt Moore threw a ball off his helmet while Jim Hickey stood nearby
8-28-2013 7-52-27 PM
When the Rays do rookie hazing, they need to make Wil Myers get this haircut
8-28-2013 7-39-40 PM
Not exactly the same, but interesting that the Rays handled the E differently on these jerseys. And yes, it may be up to the player, but...
8-28-2013 8-21-32 PM
Not all teams leave it up to the player. Mark McGwire had at least four different versions of the C in his name
8-28-2013 8-47-49 PM
Lobatron just missed hitting another home run.
8-28-2013 8-38-25 PM
Mark Langston or David Bowie?
8-28-2013 7-51-21 PM
Yunel Escobar made a nice play on this ball up in the middle
8-28-2013 8-13-54 PM
But when faced with a nearly identical play later, he couldn't hold on to the ball
8-28-2013 8-58-01 PM
It's nice to see this again
8-28-2013 9-00-55 PM
And David DeJesus got the post-game treatment.


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