We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

8-2-2013 6-11-23 PM
Got Stripes?
8-2-2013 6-57-04 PM
The Giants lineup the last time they played in ST. PETE. Barry Bonds got the day off.
8-3-2013 6-35-04 PM
Evan Longoria is now bald.
8-3-2013 7-47-12 PM
Tom Emanski would not approve, but it worked for Ben Zobrist
Don't laugh at this poor Red Sox fan. Stop it. I said don't laugh!
8-2-2013 6-58-47 PM
Joe West called this safe. Giants radio went off on Joe West accusing him of getting it wrong on purpose to send a messge to the first baseman
Giants radio was not pleased with the Rays' celebrations this weekend, calling them a "celebratory bunch"
They probably really hated this one
8-2-2013 7-40-36 PM
I feel like this should be a sand box...
8-3-2013 8-35-23 PM
Our old friend Jenny Dell was collateral damage in Jonny Gomes' post-game celebration
8-1-2013 9-33-22 PM
This is Jenny Dell's, "I just got bombed with water" face.
8-2-2013 7-43-14 PM
Green tongue stud guy is also a Joe Maddon guy. Who knew?
This Rays fan busted out the moves he used at his 1988 high school prom
8-3-2013 9-01-30 PM
Looks like the Rays have a new catcher
8-3-2013 9-23-52 PM
The ump was ready to call Jennings out on this play until the ball came loose. He would have been wrong. Very wrong.
Run, Loby, run!
8-3-2013 9-29-58 PM
This is illegal in most states
The Rays had a lot of fun with Wil Myers on Saturday night
8-3-2013 9-36-37 PM
This is not a good look for Wil Myers. Downright creepy.
8-4-2013 1-20-05 PM
This would have been fun to listen to...
8-4-2013 1-12-59 PM
Yes, he can reach the bag, but c'mon, this is dirty
This is worth another look
8-4-2013 1-18-55 PM
This is apparently Chris Archer's "I'm impressed" face
James Loney got snipered
8-4-2013 2-18-01 PM
8-4-2013 3-33-31 PM
With Buster Posey in town, there was an entire section on Sunday of Florida State fans wearing Rays caps in Seminoles colors. Weird.
Gregor Blanco was either snipered or was tripped by Joe Gnome.
8-4-2013 3-32-31 PM
So this has replaced the bow-and-arrow routine apparently
8-4-2013 3-31-17 PM
Do they change these labels each series or do they use new bags each series?
8-4-2013 2-47-41 PM
Personally, I don't think it is even close. Joe Gnome is 100 times better
8-4-2013 2-36-23 PM
Luke Scott's rat tail is getting long and now it is being decorated with beads


  1. Ken says:

    Zimmer/Myers pic: Young Luke getting sage advice from Yoda

    • Scot says:

      Sorry, but I think the Ray's general treatment toward Zimmer is primary due to his age. As a manager, Zim's philosophy was antithetical to that of the Rays. Some Zim boners include Remy and Burleson at the top of the batting order; his love of Butch "the butcher of defense" Hobson who couldn't even bat at replacement level; and his misunderstanding of how to use a bullpen. One hears how Zim is so wise, even from Maddon, but I have yet to hear anything Zim has said that has demonstrated such wise advice.

      • Zach says:

        He may not have been a great strategist, but I'm sure he knows a thing or two about the game from a player's perspective.

  2. Beth says:

    I was hoping that while the shaving cream was on Wil's face someone might have come by with a razor? That boy needs some lessons on grooming.

  3. Pat says:

    The label on the bases - is that done in case there is some remarkable play for which the HOF wants it?

  4. mp645 says:

    I was there for Sunday's sold out game. So much fun. Huge crowd. Great videos. Got some photos on photo day including a closeup of Luke's beads on his pigtail.

    Yes, the Rays certainly are a "celbratory bunch". That's because we have something to celebrate!.. The Giants are last in their division with 12 games out. That is nothing to celebrate. On Sunday, Timmy only showed up in the dugout for the first two innings or so and never came back until the end of the game. Where are Barry Zito? He was supposed to pitch on Sunday?

    Wil Myers does looks like an unmade bed. It is a superstition of his to look this disheveled?


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