We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

8-7-2013 9-09-32 PM
Typical Wil Myers
8-7-2013 9-04-44 PM
Umm, ump said he didnt swing. My question is, WHY WASN'T THIS A CALLED STRIKE?
8-7-2013 9-46-28 PM
Jose Molina saw something from Chris Archer he did not like
8-7-2013 9-30-56 PM
And when Joe Maddon came out, Chris Archer did not look happy
8-7-2013 9-38-20 PM
Diamondbacks Fan
The DBacks turned a sick double-play. But they got some help...
That's because Yunel Escobar inexplicably stopped running hard halfway to first
8-7-2013 9-40-15 PM
And the Diamondbacks have this Plinko knock-off
8-7-2013 10-26-18 PM
Some way-back Brian Anderson
8-7-2013 10-29-01 PM
Kyle Farnsworth came in and promptly fell down
8-7-2013 10-29-42 PM
So the game was delayed for some mound maintenance
8-7-2013 10-35-07 PM
8-7-2013 10-38-23 PM
Kelly Johnson had an adventure in the outfield in the 5th inning
8-7-2013 10-41-23 PM
Shortly after misplaying one flyball, he missed another flyball that landed right behind him
Escobar ran hard this time. But he SPIKED his helmet even though he was safe. But he ruined it by being thrown out stealing on next pitch
8-7-2013 10-45-27 PM
A while back I wondered why the Red Sox have grass in their bullpen and some thought I was crazy. Well, the DBacks do not have grass.
8-7-2013 11-19-42 PM
The Rays briefly took a late lead on this nifty slide by Longo
8-7-2013 11-37-53 PM
Peralta hitting? Unfortunately, Jose Molina hit into an inning-ending double-play
8-7-2013 11-45-49 PM
"Yeah, game is already 3 hrs old. We're hungry. Yeah, anchovies. Joe thinks they are intellectual"
8-8-2013 12-06-07 AM
Get a room
8-8-2013 12-10-18 AM
Joyce said something to Gregorius after game-ending DP. Might have been apology for his slide

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  1. Andy C. says:

    Not a fan of Farnsworth, but he showed some nice muscle going down, howbeit in unfamiliar places - glutes & thighs!!! Wow!!


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