We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

7-19-2013 9-28-21 PM
Ryan Roberts unmasked looks a lot different
7-19-2013 8-31-18 PM
Matt Moore had a seed problem on Friday night
7-20-2013 12-43-04 PM
Artsy blur slide. Let's pretend like I did this on purpose
7-20-2013 12-58-11 PM
The Rays are so hot they don't need any help, but they'll take it
7-20-2013 1-08-43 PM
Matt Moore with laser beam eyes
Weekend at Bernies 3: Bernie is a Blue Jays fan
7-22-2013 7-12-16 AM
Fernando Rodney made a great play to start the 9th inning on Saturday
7-22-2013 7-13-40 AM
If he doesn't throw the ball so hard, the runner would have been safe
7-22-2013 7-22-17 AM
But then Rodney let one get through his wickets on an ugly play
7-22-2013 7-19-12 AM
And Molina got lucky when this wild pitch found his glove
7-22-2013 7-25-03 AM
He made it interesting, but it is nice to see Rodney is having fun again
What is this new celebration Longo is doing? It looks familiar...
Ahhh, yes. It's the Shake Weight celebration
Why baseball players should always wear a cup. Jose Reyes was in a lot of pain after taking a pickoff throw to the coconuts
7-22-2013 7-31-33 AM
Too. Much. Range. Let it go, Longo!
7-22-2013 7-33-22 AM
Don't throw it, Longo!
7-22-2013 7-33-44 AM
You threw it
7-22-2013 7-31-06 AM
This is the face of somebody that made a dumb play in the 9th inning on a team that is winning a lot of games
7-22-2013 7-26-41 AM
Joe Maddon's face was a little different
7-22-2013 7-37-53 AM
The play of the weekend was Jose Reyes' double. Seriously. Desmond Jennings somehow cut this ball off before it got to the wall.
7-22-2013 7-36-16 AM
If Jennings doesn't cut this off, Reyes is on third base with no outs
7-22-2013 7-39-55 AM
And instead of having to play the infield in with the tying run on third with Bautista and Encarnacion due up, look how deep Longoria is playing
7-22-2013 8-20-05 AM
Sure enough, after striking out Bauista, Longo got a hard grounder and made an easy play. Reyes didn't get to third until 2 outs.
7-22-2013 7-42-35 AM
Rodney reached 100 several times this weekend
7-22-2013 8-17-17 AM
Uh oh. Good thing Jim Leyland wasn't in the other dugout.
7-22-2013 7-27-49 AM
Look at it!
Infinite Rock-Paper-Scissors. WHO WILL WIN?
7-22-2013 7-45-41 AM
Again on Sunday, it wasn't easy, but Rodney still fired his arrow


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