Bob RyanAt the end of Sunday’s broadcast of “The Sports Reporters” on ESPN, Boston columnist Bob Ryan used his “parting shot” to take aim at Rays fans and their lack of support for the Rays (see video below).

After complimenting Joe Maddon, Ryan had this to say about Rays fans…

“But the flip-side is they play in a horrible ballpark and few people down there care at all. The Rays are the baseball tree falling in a very large forest. I don’t know of another organization in any sport that has done more things right in front of a less appreciative audience than the Tampa Bay Rays. And that’s the truth.”

We can all sit here and complain about how Ryan is just another sheep ignoring the big picture and making reactionary judgements based on one number. We can talk about how he ignores the lack of corporate support in St. Pete that other teams get to enjoy. And we can bitch about how he is completely ignoring the strong television ratings which show there are lots of fans that are not going to the games for what is probably a dozen different reasons.

But the biggest issue here is Ryan’s timing. Why now? The Rays haven’t played a home game in TWO WEEKS.

The answer most likely is tied to the Rays overtaking the Red Sox in the standings this weekend (the Rays were in first place when this segment aired). And the only way Ryan could defend his beloved Sox was to take a shot at Rays fans.

It’s the classic “sure you won, but your mom is ugly” mentality of most losers. And let’s face it, outside of two titles in the steroids era (the same number as the Marlins), the Red Sox and their fans know a thing or two about losing.





  1. Tony Spicchiali says:

    The next time Bob Ryan brushes his teeth will be the first.

  2. Dave L says:

    I actually watched this 'live' yesterday on SR.

    When we are hot I watch alot of MLB network, and also these kind of shows on ESPN hoping they will talk about the Rays.

    I had the sound off but watched the tease footage of the "hot Rays" So here I am thinking fnally we get some love then I turn up the sound and I see Boston Bob go to the last arrow in every Rays opponents quiver instead.

    That was my only thought too Cork instantly. Boston Globe Bob playing to his readership.

    When we took the lead from Boston it was in no 'Headlines' on ESPN. We just got the Washington Generals treatment as usual.

    MLB network and treat us about as fairly as any Rays fan can reasonably hope for. Its based in the northeast so most of the staffers are Sox or Yanks fans but they are professionals

    MLB Now is the best baseball show ever. IMO

  3. Sarah says:

    Why does a Boston sportswriter even care about the Rays attendance? Does he honestly care whether Stu Sternberg makes money?

    I agree; this meme emerges whenever the Rays get close. Let's see, we Boston sports writers can talk about the talented team that is competing against us; we can talk about watching our star DH have a violent breakdown in the dugout that could easily have injured a teamate, or we can change the subject entirely and worry about the number of people paying to attend baseball games in St. Pete.

  4. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    For the record, the Trop is not a crappy stadium.
    It is far from ideal, but every seat is a good one, and every game I've gone to (dozens) has been an enjoyable experience.
    Ownership has made it even more fun and affordable by creating a nice "buzz" with fun fairway games, a loose, fun atmosphere throughout the park, and the capacity to bring your own snacks and n/a beverages.

    The Rays attendance sucks. Thanks for the late breaking news Mr. Ryan. You have shocked the sports world by unveiling this dirty little secret. But the Rays are still better than the Sox; ain't that a wicked pissah?


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