We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

7-24-2013 6-19-32 PM
The Red Sox were using the extreme shift on Wil Myers (notice outfielders are normal)
That's because Myers' pulls the ball on the ground but not in the air...
7-24-2013 6-24-40 PM
And then Luke Scott hit right into a shift
7-24-2013 6-41-14 PM
On the shift theme, the Rays didn't shift on Big Papi with Price on the mound (Papi hit a single to left field)
The play of the game? The play of the year...
David Price reacts
7-24-2013 6-47-56 PM
Hey, look what I found!
7-24-2013 6-54-43 PM
The Rays' 3-run rally in the 3rd inning started with a ball in which Jonny Gomes turned and ran towards the wall. The ball landed where he was originally standing.
7-24-2013 7-18-27 PM
Molina bunted into a double-play...again.
7-24-2013 9-37-20 PM
This poll would have been funny if it included St. Pete.
7-24-2013 7-41-57 PM
Wil Myers had a case of the aligator-arms on this fly ball near the wall
7-24-2013 8-25-36 PM
Escobar was making wicked plays all over the place
7-24-2013 8-35-13 PM
Wil Myers got a liner off the glove of the shortstop
7-24-2013 8-38-40 PM
Red Sox shirt, Red Sox guest pass, Rays hat?
7-24-2013 8-54-22 PM
David Price reacts to a ball back up the middle
7-24-2013 9-15-10 PM
Price's arm sleeve has at least 3 holes. I get superstition, but c'mon, get a new sleeve!
7-24-2013 9-17-17 PM
In the 9th inning, Molina wanted to chat. I'm not sure Price thought it was necessary
7-24-2013 9-18-21 PM
This was a fitting end to the game...
7-24-2013 9-20-10 PM
Price reacted to the grab by Escobar
7-24-2013 9-18-49 PM
And Price had a big hug for Molina
Another jump-and-bump and look! Roberto Hernandez was on time! No Jeremy Hellickson who was likely at the hotel resting


  1. Beth says:

    I thought the bump was only for complete game shut outs?

  2. Dre says:

    Price tweeted a text from Helly who told him that he bumped the TV in the hotel room.


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