7-29-2013 8-54-38 PMThe GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

RAYS 2, Red Sox 1 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: David Price. He might be the best pitcher in the AL right now. That is all…Sam Fuld. I’m not going to lie. When I saw Fuld racing over to cut off Desmond Jennings on the flyball in the 8th I was already wondering why Jennings would allow that. Fuld typically has an AWFUL arm. Jennings’ arm isn’t great, but I’d trust him on a big throw before I’d trust Fuld. But sure enough, just as I am screaming at the TV, Fuld unleashed the best throw of his career, a one-hopper to Molina for the inning-ending double-play. To be fair, the runner was probably safe. But we’ll take it.

THE BAD: Joe Maddon. I hate putting JoeMa in the bad. But when you make radical choices as a manager, not all of them are going to work. And some are truly head-scratching. Like Maddon’s decision to bring Price back after a 39 minute rain delay in the 8th inning only to pull him after striking out the first batter he faced. And really, the delay was much longer for Price since all he had were a handful of warmup pitches before the delay started. Price did fall behind 3-0 to Gomes before striking him out. But it should not have been a surprise that there would have been a little bit of rust. And sure enough, Price’s first fastball of the at bat was 91. The last pitch of the at bat was 94. If there was a concern at all, don’t bring Price back. If not concerned, at least give him a couple of batters to see if he shakes off the rust. Maddon made a choice and then immediately second-guessed himself.

THE TELLING: Alex Cobb willthrow a simulated game today and could restart his rehab assignment on SaturdayTim Beckham has 10 hits in his last 6 games and has his OBP up to .339 (.278 AVG). He also has 4 walks in the last 7 games with just 3 Ks. It’s a small sample, but a promising sign that he is finally putting it together…The Rays are now 63-43, a half-game ahead of the Red Sox and 5.5 games ahead of the Indians for the second Wild Card. According to CoolStandings.com, the Rays have a 90.5% chance of making the playoffs and a 48.1% chance of winning the division.


  • If you missed it, David Ortiz destroyed a phone and the Rays’ Twitter account had a great reaction. [BI Sports]
  • The Rays are now on top of at least one Power Ranking. [New York Post]
  • The vendetta against Alex Rodriguez is reaching disturbing levels. Less effort is put into convicting criminals. [BI Sports]
  • Local hero Tino Martinez was accused of choking for Rays prospect Derek Dietrich. [BI Sports]
  • Bucs training camp video from 2003. [JoeBucsFan]


Here is Tim Beckham’s double from two nights ago…

Columbus 5, DURHAM 4. Mike Montgomery allowed 5 runs (4 earned) in 6.2 innings. He struck out 2 and walked 5…Vince Belnome was 1-3 with a walk and his 8th home run…Mike Fontenot hit his 3rd and drove in 3.

Mississippi 4, MONTGOMERY 2. Mikie Mahtook went 2-4 with a double and a home run, his 5th.

CHARLOTTE 6, Lakeland 3. Brandon Gomes struck out 3 but gave up 2 runs in his 1.2 inning rehab assignment. The big blow was a 2-run home run…Alejandro Segovia hit his 14th home run and was a single short of the cycle….Drew Vettleson went 2-5 with 3 RBI.

Lansing 6, BOWLING GREEN 5. Andrew Toles went 1-2 with his 48th stolen base. That leads the Midwest League…Leonardo Reginatto went 2-5 to raise his average to .321.

Brooklyn 4, HUDSON VALLEY 0.

Johnson City 2, PRINCETON 1.





  1. s says:

    please explain how ortiz didn't get at least a game suspension.
    1. argued with up
    2. throw armor in umps direction
    3. destroyed phone with a bat
    4. came back on field after ump
    if this would have been our DH(Scott) there's no way in hell he wouldn't have gotten suspended. wow.

  2. Ken says:

    Cork, I've blasted JoMa before for some of the hair brained moves he's made and have been accused of treason. I'll take a pass here. It's tough to second guess a manager when he was second guessing himself from the moment he put Price back out there. I've never seen him look more unraveled than he was in the 8th. We all deserve a "mulligan" once in a while. JoMa got his last night.
    Last night's game was huge, and if possible, brought this team even closer together. Wonder what Bob Ryan had to say about it. Great road trip, welcome home Rays.

  3. Gus says:

    Lost in this great run of play is that the back end of the bullpen is starting to leak some oil. The Crain trade was an excellent pro-active move. Perlata can't survive if he keeps pitching so much up in the zone; Jamey Wright's Friday perfomance in the Bronx was worrisome. McGee is a one-pitch pony still. Rodney is the best of the lot, but he looks shaky sometimes, especially with Molina back there (Molina's inexcusable passed ball put the winning run in scoring position last night).

    I had great hopes for Brandon Gomes, but he seems to be scuffling in the FSL.

    • Ken says:

      Good observation Gus. Gomes seems lost for the year after being put on the 60 day DL. Don't know how much more Durham can contribute at this point. Hopefully Crain's and Cobber's rehab times won't be extensive though I can't figure out who gets sent down or packing once they return.
      We're sputtering a bit on offense too. Flash, Joyce and Zorilla need to pick it up a notch. A monster 2 months from Longo would cure that. Got a feeling it's coming soon. Go Rays.

    • OriginalTom says:

      In Molina's defense, he made an excellent stop earlier in the AB that saved a wild pitch..

      I personally do not like the intentional walk to Ortiz as I hate putting the winning run on base.

      • Dave L says:

        If you look at Molinas body of work after the rain delay. Overall it was pretty damn good. There were 3 really tough stops he had to make like Tom says with Rodney and 1 got by.

        This was an instance where all the habichuelas, and mofongo he wolfs down to maintain his massive girth came in handy in providing a human eclipse to blot out the vision of the home plate ump.

        The man was smiling in the post game ear to ear and he earned it.

    • Beth says:

      I completely agree! I can't tell if it's because they are tired; or because they haven't been used often enough, what with the allstar break and the many complete games thrown. Or maybe they were over performing and are now regressing to the norm. Even Torres, while still boasting some impressive numbers, has at times been shaky. There's no one in the bullpen right now who you trust with a one run lead.

  4. Dave L says:

    Wow a sportswriter actually wrote this on ESPN


    My eyes almost popped out of my head when I read the title. And the story is even better. Every Sox fan in the universe will zoom into orbit reading this one.

    • Ken says:

      LOL, great article, thanks for sharing. Seems to me that the Rays were on the wrong end of quite a few calls earlier this year. Nice to be the Gander for a change.

  5. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    Last night's victory was HUGE.
    Not just because it vaulted the Rays past the Sox, but because of the potential psychological damage that may have occurred had the Rays end-up with back-to-back walk-off losses.

    IMO, if the Sox walk-off the day after the Yankees walk-off, the Rays' perspective on the whole road trip, and the direction of this team in general, becomes primed to experience a paradigm shift in the wrong direction.

    That shaky save by Rodney may be the most important moment of the season.

    • Dave L says:

      Yeah the way the Rays played the last 2 days to be 1 and 1 they should be happy. Fantastic road trip!

      And back to the Trop with only 3 more games against Boston and none are in beantwon!

      They couldn't wait to get out of there i'm sure.


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