7-8-2013 6-09-43 PMThe GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

RAYS 7, Twins 4 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: Desmond Jennings. Flash continues his torrid pace since returning to the top of the order. He is now 14-33 (.424) with 6 walks and 11 runs in those 8 games…Ben Zobrist. Zobrist went 2-4 and hit his first right-handed home run of the season…Yunel Escobar. Before Zobrist hit his home run, Escobar hit his own earlier in the 7th inning and it was his that gave the Rays the lead for good.

THE BAD: Roberto Hernandez. He has been unlucky this season with the lack of run support, but last night the offense bailed him out. Batters leading off an inning were 3-5 with a double, a home run and a hit-by-pitch. And he wasn’t much better against other batters, giving up 12 baserunners in 6 innings with just 3 strikeouts…Jamey Wright. It should have been a night off for Fernando Rodney. But Wright gave up back-to-back hits in the 9th inning and Rodney was needed to stop the bleeding.

THE TELLING: Alex Cobb is aiming for a late July or early August return…Durham Bulls reliever CJ Riefenhauser has been added to the Futures Game roster for All-Star weekend…The Rays have now played 9 straight games without an error one short of the team record…The Rays are now 50-40, 3.5 games behind the Red Sox and alone in second place. They are also 1 game ahead of the Orioles for the second Wild Card spot. The only two seasons in which the Rays reached 50 wins faster were 2008 and 2010. They won the division both seasons…


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DURHAM 8. Charlotte 2. Matt Buschmann improved to 4-0 with a 2.56 ERA in 7 triple-A starts after allowing just 1 run in 5 innings. He struck out 5 and walked 3 but still has a solid 44-to-18 strikeout-to-walk ratio…Vince Belnome went 3-3 with 2 walks and a double. His .343 average is second in the IL.

MONTGOMERY 4, Mobile 1 (game 1). Victor Mateo tossed 6 shutout innings allowing 2 hits and 3 walks…Mikie Mahtook went 2-4 with 2 strikeouts.

Mobile 5, MONTGOMERY 4 (10, game 2). Kevin Kiermaier went 3-5 with his 5th home run and 14th stolen base.

CHARLOTTE 1, Bradenton 0. Roberto Gomez went 6.2 innings without allowing a run. He struck out 5 and walked 2…Richie Shaffer went 2-3 and Lucas Bailey hit his first home run of the season.

Lansing 6, BOWLING GREEN 2. Justin O’Conner had 3 hits including his 7th home run…Andrew Toles had 2 hits.

Vermont 4, HUDSON VALLEY 1.

Pulaski 4, PRINCETON 2.





  1. Sublime says:

    Des is doing phenomenal work right now! Kudos to him, for getting his strike zone organized and now reeking havoc! He use to have the best posts on this forum Des from Durham! Lol.

    • Gus says:

      Des has his legs under him this year. That acceleration on the triple was impressive. Maybe it was Cork getting on him in the "Bad" so often that has him going? Who knows, but with Des producing at the top and no passed balls from Molina in the last week, this is, by far for me, the most enjoyable stretch of Rays baseball since 2008. A very likeable team who actually can get out ahead of people and hold the leads. Even Mr. Chrome is behaving himself and playing well. Leaving Zobrist at 2b has also greatly improved the middle defense continuity. He appears to be working well with Escobar (and vice versa).

  2. Ken says:

    Last night's performance by Roberto was pretty typical of his work to date. True, he ate up 6 innings. True, he kept us in the game. One sports writer called it a blue collar effort, again I'd say true.
    But, the twinkies base running blunders helped a lot. Is he the 5th best starter the Rays have? False. He goes to the pen or somewhere else once Cobb gets back.
    He gives up too many homers, He leaves way too many pitches up in the zone. The AL East teams will eat him alive.

    • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

      Do you prefer Odorizzi right now? Because he's the next in-line and we've seen that he's not quite there yet.

      • Gus says:

        I'd prefer a younger pitcher with the ability to get better rather than an older one in decline who happens to be a bit of a head case. I understand run support is independent of pitching in theory, but my recollection of Hernandez's starts is that he's had leads (albeit slim ones) that he routinely coughs up.

      • Ken says:

        My hope is that Cobb is ready by 8/1. Ororizzi is not the answer, nor is Colome. After seeing the players the Marlins received for Nolasco I'm wondering who else might be out there. A intriguing choice might be Martin in Durham. Who then is a very good question.

  3. Scot says:

    Machodo - on the play, strong arm, no glove. Thanks for calling it out.

    Of course I consider "the catch" by Willie Mays to be less impressive than several plays by Jim Edmonds. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKu-oPJ_DZ4

  4. Gus says:

    Has anyone else noticed that in addition to not selling seats very well, the Rays can't seem to sell ads to their highly rated television programming?

    It is my understanding that the Rays own the commercial inventorty and sell it themselves under their local TV deal. If that is still the case, then they should be embarassed to be running PSAs like the kid at the piano performance and the basketball kid telling the ref the ball went off of his body. Running a PSA is giving up --- it means we haven't sold the spot, so rather than give you 30 seconds of Todd Kalas in between innings, we'lll run this public service announcement. Everybody has a few, but this recent run of Rays telecasts has been astounding. Maybe half the spots last night were PSAs. I'm going to strangle those parents who lose track of their kid at the piano concert if I have to see them 6 more times tonight. Any insight on what is going on?

    • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

      You watch commercials? DVR my friend. Start watching the game at around 8:00-8:30 and you can fast-forward through the commercials (PSA or otherwise), and still catch the end of the game live (or very near it).

      Yes, I get that your post was aimed toward why the ad-space isn't selling, but you're crazy to be watching commercials in this day and age.

  5. Gus says:

    Colome has a 2.25 era in a couple of starts; he's deserved to start more than

    Rays are 6-11 in his 17 starts and 44-29 in everyone else's. Not all his fault, of course, but his ERA isn't good, he tires and gets hit hard as he goes through the order a 2nd or 3rd time, so the notion of "innings eater" is a fallacy. He is flammable when entering the 6th and 7th inning (which is part of the reason the Rays record is so bad in his starts).

    A successful Cobb return would render him to the bully, of course, which is where he should have been all along.


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