7-1-2013 8-47-22 PMThe GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

RAYS 12, Astros 0 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: Getting The Men In. The Rays were 8-12 with runners in scoring position with 2 outs. You’ll win a lot of games with a stat like that…Bottom of the Order. The bottom 3 batters in the order (Ryan Roberts, Jose Lobaton, Sam Fuld) went a combined 9-15 with 2 home runs and 6 RBI…Jose Lobaton. Lobaton now has back-to-back 3-hit games. He only had 3 such games in his career before these 2 games. Enjoy it while it lasts…Ben Zobrist. Yes, Ryan Roberts had a huge game. But with a runner on first and no outs and the score still tied in the 3rd inning, it was Zobrist’s double that put 2 runners in scoring position with no outs. That was all Matt Moore needed…Matt Moore. After a rough stretch in which the Rays lost 4 of 5 starts by Moore, the Rays have now won his last 3 starts and the team is now 13-4 in his starts this season.

THE BAD: Desmond Jennings. Is Jennings hurt? He has just 1 stolen base attempt in the last 20 games. Even if he is the worst base stealer ever, he should have enough speed to steal a base more often than once every 20 games. And it is not like he is not getting opportunities. In those 20 games, Jennings was on base 29 times. So either he is hurt, or Joe Maddon has given him the red light and just doesn’t trust him on the basepaths.

THE TELLING: David Price will make his first start in more than a month tonight…Evan Longoria may have been available to pinch-hit last night. He also took groundballs before the game suggesting a return is imminent…The Rays are now 44-39, 5.5 games behind the Red Sox…


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Columbus 2, DURHAM 1 (game 1). Mike Montgomery has his second straight strong start for Durham, allowing 2 runs (1 earned) in 7 innings. He struck out 5 and walked just 1…Shelley Duncan went 2-3 with a double and 4-6 in the double-header.

DURHAM 5, Columbus 0 (game 2). Four relievers combined on a 2 hit shutout…Brandon Guyer now has 17 stolen bases, 8 more than Desmond Jennings.

MONTGOMERY 7, Tennessee 2. Enny Romero did not allow a run in 7 innings. He allowed 3 hits, 3 walks and struck out 3. His ERA is now 2.69…Mikie Mahtook went 2-4.

CHARLOTTE 5, Jupiter 1 (game 1). Drew Vettleson was 3-4 with 3 doubles and 2 RBI…Alejandro Segovia hit 2 home runs, his 11th and 12th.

Jupiter 5, CHARLOTTE 0 (game 2). Willie Argo was 0-2, but did steal his 21st base.

BOWLING GREEN 6, West Michigan 1. Taylor Guerrieri tossed 6 shutout innings, striking out 3 and walking none. He has an ERA of 2.08…C Luke Maile had 3 hits including 2 doubles.

Aberdeen 1, HUDSON VALLEY 0 (13).

PRINCETON 2, Johnson City 1. 1B Travis Flores has just 9 hits in the team’s first 10 games, but 3 of them are home runs.




  1. Mr. Smith 1980 says:

    So does sub-Mendoza Fuld move to make room for DP?

    • Beth says:

      Sam is now over .200, I’ll have you know.

      But it’s very simple — you designate guys who have options, as long as you can. If you designate Fuld he could be gone. I guess they don’t think he’ll clear waivers.

    • Sledge says:

      Roberts goes back to the minors before Fuld gets DFA’d.

      • s says:

        how many options does Roberts have? the interview with him last night was very honest, and you saw that in his performance.

        • Sledge says:

          Options no longer matter for him in 2013. He’s already used an option this year by being sent to the minors. They can move him back and forth an unlimited # of times in a given year and it only counts as 1 option.

        • s says:

          I just looked it up, Roberts has no options left. so you DFA Fuld, he’ll clear waivers, Roberts won’t, even at $3 million..

      • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

        Fuld would clear waivers right now. Undersized, average outfielders who can’t hit usually don’t get scooped up too often.

        • Beth says:

          Yes, but he costs practically nothing. Someone will want to beef up their defense.

          And my understanding is that they can continue designating and recalling Roberts. An option isn’t necessarily used up every time they send you down.

          • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

            Yep. I know that that’s how options work, but sending Roberts down leaves the team in a weaker state than waiving Fuld. The Rays don’t have the luxury of doing what is safe or convenient because every game is critical when you’re 5.5 back in the East. Who cares if Fuld is protected if the Rays miss the playoffs by 1.5 games…

          • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

            Moot point… they just sent Roberts back down… ugh.

  2. KT says:

    On the Desmond stolen base #s: The SBs for the team in whole are down drastically from previous years. Could be some form of new strategy; let the offense work, don’t run yourselves out of an inning. I’ve noticed they seem to only steal when it’s a typical steal situation, i.e. runner on 1st with 2 outs, pitcher dealing, etc.

  3. reeni645 says:

    Slow Down. To get to the post season, we really do need to win all of the games prior to All Stars. The MLB standings do not reflect difficult from easy teams to play..it’s all just W and L. Rays need a lot more W

    Last night’s game was not boring, it was just not a naill biter, there was no anxiety, no drama. It was just great to see that everyone batted well. A fun game for us to watch.Great for Tat Man to be back and get 2 homers. DFA anyone? DFA rodriguez!

    • Mr. Smith 1980 says:

      I’m not an SRod fan, but he is way more versatile than Fuld on defense and can hit better too.

  4. Gus says:

    Tonight could be the most important game of the year because:

    1. A healthy and effective Price means the Rays again have one of the best rotations in baseball.

    2. A Longoria who can return and be moderately effective on that foot will give them one of the best offenses in baseball.

    The productivity of those two guys is huge; they consume about 30% of the payroll. They are tops at their positions when healthy. But their health is very much in question.

    Looking forward to a good show from those two. With them, the Rays are serious World Series contenders.

  5. Amanda says:

    Cork … check out these comments from Matt Moore, especially the second paragraph … talk about telling:

    “Being on the same page with [catcher Jose Lobaton] was great,” Moore said. “It just makes the tempo and the rhythm that much better. I think it’s a little bit tougher on the hitter as well.

    “Being able to bury stuff when I needed to and having trust in him back there to block it. He was throwing his body around the place today.”


    • KT says:

      I’ve been really impressed with Lobaton this year. He looks like he’s really been working on his game behind the plate, taking positive cues on framing from Molina, while blocking pitches in the dirt much more consistently then Molina. And his at-bats have looked more solid as well.

    • Beth says:

      So do you think his implication is that he doesn’t have the same confidence in Molina? Or was he just responding to someone’s question about how he and Lobaton worked together, in which case his saying nice things about Lobaton doesn’t necessarily imply anything about Molina.

      • Amanda says:

        Beth … I just don’t know. He could very well have just been complimenting Lobaton. He may not have been intending to backhandedly slam Molina at all. But saying he has “trust” in him to block everything is pretty strong wording.

        I think Molina has been doing pretty well this year, especially at the plate, but he’s become lazy when it comes to blocking pitches. I think what will be telling is if Lobaton catches all of Moore’s games.

    • JJ says:

      Lobaton and Molina have pretty much split duties behind the plate so. LoBo has 10 more AB’s and is clearly improving game by game. I see him playing more in the second half than Molina. Molina has really slowed down of late and won’t be here next year unless it is in a coaching capacity.

      • Beth says:

        I would agree. Lobaton’s improved success as a hitter allows him to become the most days catcher. Molina still has value if used on occasion.

      • S says:

        I think we will start to see Lobes get more playing time over Molina. This should allow Molina to be more fresh when he does play.

  6. Ken says:

    I’m a little confused about the Roberts demotion. According to the “40 man roster and payroll” at the top of this page Roberts had no options and 3 years of team control. Can anyone explain how the Rays could send him down (twice) without going through waivers?

  7. Ken says:

    News flash: Porcello just suspended 6 days by MLB and fined as well. Comment Don?

    • Dave L says:

      Victory for Maddon, managing with simple common sense in 2013. Rays fans rejoice. Nice job to classy Rodney, Farnsworth and Zobrist in being cool when it was needed.

      Huge loss for Leyland, prima donna Miggy, Porcello and caveman baseball minds here and everywhere.

      Checkmating the checkers players and they still dont know it sadly

  8. Dave L says:

    When was the last time a guy had 2 dingers and was promptly send down?

    Honestly it was a no brainer cause he was the only one we wouldnt Risk losing. No reason to risk anyone right now and the diff between Rod and Roberts is minimal. Fuld is not comparable as a lefty he has a different role than the other two. The emergence of Myers has made Rod/RRoberts vulnerable eventually to be gone but that’s assuming maximum health and effectiveness of everyone else which is highly unlikely.

    In that case a 14 day disabled would give new life at any rate. Expect the bubble guys to make it until the sept callups.

    Stats are funny. Did a pasting of the lowly Astros really raise the Rays chances of making the playoffs by over 6%? No but the run diff metric says so.

    The same cool standings has the Yanks chances around 1/3 that of the Rays and less than the BJays.

    Its one of those metrics that in July tells you almost nothing but by the end of Sept usually Gradually develops into a correlation.

    • Rob says:

      Assuming Price is healthy and stays on the roster, I think they bring Roberts back up once they know which extra pitcher goes back down (Archer or Colome). I guess another option would be to keep those two and drop Hernandez completely, but I think he’s had enough good outings lately to stick around a little bit longer.

  9. Dave L says:

    ‘If Zobrist were like me’.

    Those are always how your most childish rants begin.

    If that were so he would be a juvenile website troll not a professional ballplayer.

    Any smart MLB player in 2013 would gladly take a ball to the meat of the body in exchange for a win and an opposing player getting suspended.

  10. Dave L says:

    Rodney didn’t hit any one simply made your hero uncomfortable. MLB agrees the retaliation was so unwarranted as to issue a suspension.

    Aren’t you the dipshit who suggested Sheilds throw at Longos head in retaliation for harmless offseason comments?

    You are pathetic

  11. KT says:

    really cool story

  12. s says:

    let’s recap
    we finally beat the tigers and you bitch and whine, and make some stupid ass mafia comments.

    we crush the worst team in the AL. we pitch very well and get a crapload of hits played and it’s boring to you.

    we are in the most completive division in baseball, our #1 pitcher hasn’t done squat, and yet we still are in the hunt.

    you are f-ing pathetic. you go to this site and hit the refresh button over and over until a new post shows up, just so you can be the first to post your BS. you have no f-ing life and one of the few joys that you get is people calling you a buffoon on a website. how completely twisted is that?

    don, you really need help. take a break from this site for a while, not for us, but for you. see if you can find something in your life that will give you any feeling of self worth.

    if not, i will gladly donate the $1.25 for the skyway toll so that you can do us all a favor. all that ask is that you post before you make the plunge, and you write “i am don from raysindex with a sharpie on your forehead so we can confirm it was you.

    have a great day!!!!

  13. JJ says:

    I believe that KT has the right approach to Don’s comments.

  14. Rob says:

    Not cool

  15. Sledge says:

    S- as many of us have learned over the years, ranting like this back at Don only puts a smile on his face and makes him want to do it more. As ridiculous as his posts can be, figuring out a way to ignore him will be less frustrating to you in the long run.

  16. s says:

    yeah because ignoring him is really working well. he f-ing has his dick in his hand as he’s hitting refresh every morning.

    not cool? do you not put a dog down when he’s suffering? don’s clearly suffering, but i’m not willing to shoot him, i’m just offering a donation to end his misery. sort of like driving him to the vet. hell, depending on my workload, I might be able to give him a ride to the top of the bridge.

    and cork, I truly find it hard to believe that there’s not an easy way to stop his ramblings.

  17. Don Jr. says:

    please don’t hurt my dad. He’s already in one of those old people places where people look after him all day.

  18. KT says:

    Telling someone to drive off a bridge for being stupid on the Internet? That’s pathetic.

  19. KT says:

    Thanks, I have fun with it

  20. s says:

    wow, it’s called sarcasm!!! holy crap, lighten up. but I was sincere that he has his dick in his hand while he’s hitting refresh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. KT says:

    Obviously. Obviously.

  22. Ken says:

    Got it Don. Jabber on…

  23. KT says:

    good cool story

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