We’ve got the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

7-23-2013 6-22-06 PM
Hey Jose, it's easier if you reach AROUND the netting
7-23-2013 9-47-13 PM
The Red Sox brand their bases for every series?
7-23-2013 9-46-41 PM
Horizontal! Horizontal!
7-23-2013 6-26-54 PM
Ben Cherington eats out of a paper bowl...Just like us!
7-23-2013 6-41-23 PM
Wil Myers broke out a smile for just a moment after hitting a Fenway Monster Home Run
7-23-2013 6-44-12 PM
This is what you like when you try to avoid the ball and catch it at the same time
7-23-2013 6-56-22 PM
The Stu Smile
7-23-2013 7-00-41 PM
Stuart Sternberg owns the Rays, used to be a partner at Goldman Sachs, still uses a flip phone
Red Sox fan celebrates an Even Longoria strikeout
7-23-2013 7-15-03 PM
Molina tried to throw out runner at second when HE was the closest fielder to the runner on third. That runner scored.
7-23-2013 7-14-26 PM
Hey Joe Maddon, what do you think about Molina's throw?
7-23-2013 7-18-34 PM
Beautiful night in Boston
7-23-2013 7-25-04 PM
"Did you hear about ARod?"
Big Papi is delivering pain to the infield dirt
7-23-2013 7-46-39 PM
Sean Rodriguez has just 30 hits all year. You'd think he'd be more enthusiastic about shooting the arrow
7-23-2013 8-12-10 PM
Alex Torres puts a lot of effort into his hair and beard.
7-23-2013 8-03-46 PM
Longo fan had a good view of that Longoria home run.
Alex Torres has an unusual pickoff move
7-23-2013 9-48-04 PM
Matt Joyce pain face
7-23-2013 8-24-46 PM
The Green Monster dents. So many dents.
7-23-2013 8-30-19 PM
David Price with some light reading (those are the game notes)
7-23-2013 8-56-29 PM
Papi Shift worked this time
7-23-2013 9-01-38 PM
Not the way to play the wall at Fenway
Joe Maddon Seed Chewing Faces
7-23-2013 9-34-25 PM
Is BA wearing a Skull and Cross Bones tie? I hope so.


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